News Report – 10th October 2014 – Preparations Begin For Fresh Activity

Adam I, Editor

Note from the editor: As, in the past month, we have started attending college in the UK, the regular schedule of the Adammic Express has been compromised. We expect that we will soon settle into a new schedule of articles around every Wednesday or Thursday.

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – On Friday the 3rd, Emperor Adam I gave Imperial Consent to the Public Spending Act 2014, which can be read here, giving the final go-ahead for the first spending of Treasury funds since the domain was bought last year. The money was withdrawn from the Treasury on Saturday, though the items – a picture frame and a RC quadcopter – have not yet been bought. The framed list project also advanced further on Saturday when the government was given approval by the Duchess of Tytannia, Winifred Hall, to place the planned monument to Adammia’s citizens within Governor’s Residence in Imperial City. This will be immediately adjacent to Imperial Square at the heart of the Empire.

Good news came in from the Ministry of Finance on Saturday as they published the financial and economic data for the 3rd Quarter and the end of the 2013-2014 Fiscal Year, the first full Adammic fiscal year. The GDP has been recalculated to include the Contributions payments (classed as Consumer Spending) and is now determined to have been £14.10 in Q2 and £16.27 in Q3, representing economic growth of 15.39%. For the first time ever, Imperial Mail turned a profit, of £0.05, after a 5p stamp was used to deliver a birthday card to the Emperor Father in August. This, combined with the Contributions, puts the public sector at around 65% of the economy. The remaining 35% is accounted for by the Capital Wine Company, based in Imperial City. Unemployment is at 21.4%. In the fiscal year, a total of £49 was donated under the Contributions Scheme, plus another £1.12 in tax. The total budget surplus was £45.15. A full budget report is visible here.

AISA scientists have come closer to a breakthrough in their so-far unsuccessful space program, Project Andromeda. A-Level Physics studies at a nearby macronational college suggested a specific cause for the failure of the 9V Duracell battery to activate the model rocket igniters during the failed Andromeda 1 and 2 missions in April and June respectively. It is possible that the internal resistance of the Duracell battery is too high, lowering the current and therefore the power output, even though the voltage is still 9 volts. This fits in with the recommendations sent by Wheelspin Models, the suppliers of the Estes-manufactured model rocketry equipment owned by AISA, to the agency regarding a more ideal battery in the aftermath of Andromeda 2. With the weather deteriorating as winter approaches, it is expected that the agency will push for a final launch attempt within a month, using an Energizer battery.

Events have been transpiring in Adammia’s distant territory of Borealia. General Will McCracken has split the territory into two provinces, Borealia Magna and Borealia Minor, as Emperor Adam prepares to upgrade the territory into an official Colony, giving it Ruling Council representation. Borealian citizen Nathaniel S. was elected to represent Borealia, and will therefore will presumably collaborate with Emperor Adam, who is Delegate of the Colonies at the Council, when Borealia becomes a Colony. However, these plans could come into conflict with Imperial Decree XVII, which established the conventions for annexing land to the Empire in December last year. It states that in order for a territory to become a Province or Colony, it must have a Treaty of Annexation signed by the macronational landowner, which is not possible with all of Borealia. A move to upgrade Borealia to a Colony would therefore have to override this Decree.

Finally, we would like to wish a happy birthday to Lord Patrick Vladek, Grand Master of the Ordo Vladius, who turned 20 on Tuesday.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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