News Report – 16th October 2014 – Adammia Adopts Metric System, Liberal Party Rebrands

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – When the Ruling Council gathered on Saturday for its 32nd meeting, Emperor Adam announced what he termed an “experiment” – bringing forward a piece of legislation which he thought the Council might find controversial to see how they would react. This was the Metrication Act 2014, which as the name suggests, makes the metric system the official measuring system of the Empire. Rather than debate, half-hearted discussion ensued, and when it came to the vote, the Council voted unanimously in favour for the bill. This prompted the Emperor to note his concern with the fact that the Council seemed to so willingly follow his every directive, even when there are several members of the Council who would almost certainly prefer the use of the Imperial system. Also noted was the complete lack of any formal parliamentary procedure. These personal grievances aside, the Emperor signed the Act and it entered into immediate effect, implementing the already existing de-facto system. Despite not encountering any opposition from the Council, the Act was frowned upon by General Will McCracken of Borealia, who requested that it not be implemented in the territory (to which the Emperor seems to have obliged), and was also met with a negative reaction from honourary citizen and foreign dignitary Sir Richard of Clyro.

In other news, the Adammic Imperial Space Agency has finally procured the battery recommended by their model rocket supplier to provide the necessary power output which their current battery lacks, which should fix the problem which caused the Andromeda 1 and 2 missions to fail. However, constant rain has pelted the Empire since the weekend and is set to only get worse as the remnants of another hurricane approach Great Britain in the coming days, meaning that it is as of yet unclear when AISA will be able to test their new battery with a spare rocket igniter, before pushing for an Andromeda 3 mission.

In an unexpected move on Sunday night, Emperor Adam, as the sole member and President of the LIST (Liberal Imperialist Secular Technocratic) Party, Adammia’s only political party, renamed the party to simply the Liberal Party of Adammia. This seems to be in an effort to rebrand the party, which despite broadcasting a Party Political Broadcast earlier this year and putting up a poster in Primoria province, has had no success in finding interested members.

Meanwhile, the document for Adammia’s first public monument, the still-unnamed framed list of all of the Empire’s citizens, has been prepared by the Office of the Emperor. Once the document is printed and the frame is shipped into the Empire, the monument will be unveiled in Governor’s Residence, Imperial City, Tytannia, which should happen by the end of this month. Also, the Office of the Emperor bestowed its first knighthood since May yesterday, which was given to Major Sir Matthew Foster, resident and police Constable of Watertopia Province. In the minutes before this article was published, a knighthood was also given to General Sir Will McCracken, the leader of Borealia.

Finally, the Adammic Express would like to wish a happy birthday to honourary citizen Sir Alexander Austen, who turned 16 today.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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