News Report – 24th October 2014 – Public Spending Finally Goes Ahead, AISA Breakthrough On Brink of Launch

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Several weeks after being endorsed by the Ruling Council, the purchases using money from HM Imperial Treasury have finally gone ahead. The Ministry of Defence has ordered a small drone-like remote-controlled quadcopter, which is expected to undergo testing at the MoD’s classified Jebediah Hills facility in Primoria before more details are published. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Culture has bought the A3-sized frame for its monument in Imperial City. In total, £34 has been spent, reducing the Treasury from £49 to just £15. With £26 going towards the drone and £8 towards the frame (approximate figures), it has been calculated that out of all the money spent so far, 12% has gone to the website, 67% to the MoD, and 20% to the Ministry of Culture. Additional parts which may also be ordered for the drone could also drive up the MoD’s portion of the budget even higher. The items have been ordered on Amazon and are expected to arrive in Adamsville next week.

Meanwhile, another key development for the Imperial City monument is that the actual document has been printed by the Office of the Emperor, using an A3-capable printer at the Emperor’s macronational college. The print cost 10p, which the Emperor will likely charge from the Treasury, and involved a last minute font change to work on the college computers. An original print which included a number of mistakes will likely be kept by the Office of the Emperor as a backup. Now, when the frame arrives, everything will be ready to assemble the monument in Tytannia. When this happens, it will become one of the few places in the Empire where the Empire has a permanent physical presence – others include the Treasury box in White Gold Palace, and the sign at the entrance to the Office of the Emperor in Adamsville.

Fantastic news came in from Tytannia at the weekend – at its makeshift facility in White Gold Palace’s garage (which it shares with Tytannia Army Base’s armoury and the Capital Wine Company’s main stores), the Adammic Imperial Space Agency installed the new battery obtained the week before into its model rocket ignition system. The ignition system was then tested on Norton Road (A1) near Imperial Square (so as to reduce fire hazard to White Gold Palace) with a spare igniter, which momentarily burst into flame for the first time ever.

Battery installation Igniter remains

Left: The battery’s installation captured by an AISA engineer. Right: The charred remains of the igniter.

AISA’s rocket ignition is finally working, which Emperor Adam as Director-Administrator of the agency considered so important that he immediately informed the Prime Minister without bothering to go through the Minister of Science and Technology. There is now no reason why the model rocket shouldn’t work, and with the chance of rain for this Sunday at 20%, AISA has promptly scheduled its Andromeda 3 mission for that day, now less than 72 hours away.

Today, after several days of planning and drafting, Emperor Adam revealed his proposed Internal Procedures Act 2014. If passed by the Ruling Council at its November meeting in just over a week, it will completely change the way Council meetings are run and will introduce parliamentary procedure for the first time. The full document can be seen here: The proposal comes after the recent Metrication Act experiment revealed the poor state of the Council as a formal entity, and draws heavily on documents sent to the Emperor by the Wurtige Emperor Arthur I from the Harvard Model Congress for Latin America.

In other news, Tuesday saw a surprise new party being founded in Adammia – General Sir Will McCracken, the leader of the Borealia territory, has registered the Imperial Skelton Party (deliberate spelling), which is apparently “campaigning for cleaner teeth and calcium throughout Adammia”. Like the Liberal Party, it currently has one member, though it has no seats in Council. The Skelton Party has suggested that it will be creating a fabric Adammic flag similar to the one which is kept (and flown when the Emperor is present) in White Gold Palace.

Finally, the Adammic Express would like to wish a happy birthday to Lord Sir Andrew Hall KOA, Delegate of Abroad Citizens and Minister of Culture, who turned 43 on Tuesday; to General Sir Will McCracken of Borealia, who turned 18 last Friday; and to honourary citizen Samantha Bayliss, who turned 17 on Tuesday.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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