News Report – 31 October 2014 – Andromeda 3 Launch Successful, Monument Completed, Empire’s Size Doubles

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – The Adammic Imperial Space Agency successfully launched a model rocket for the first time on Sunday the 26th as part of its Andromeda 3 mission prompting widespread celebrations. The rocket was launched from the Jagstonian Plains site, in a flight which lasted 7.1 seconds. However, the Estes Alpha III-class rocket’s parachute failed to properly deploy, resulting in the hard landing of the craft and causing it to be irrepairably damaged. Despite this, the mission is being considered a partial success as it did achieve its main goal – to launch a rocket. Whilst the exact course of Project Andromeda from here on out is currently unclear, one thing we know for certain is that a new rocket will be needed, as the damage to the first rocket has caused it to be bent by a few degrees, which would be enough to send it spinning out of control. One small incident was that the box containing AISA’s equipment began to blow away in the strong breeze, resulting in chaos amongst the gathered citizens – this prompted AISA to dispose of most of its unnecessary materials (packaging and such) after returning to its White Gold Palace facility. The full video of the mission can be seen here:

Liftoff of Andromeda 3
Andromeda 3 lifts off from the Jagstonian Plains launch site.

Meanwhile, the monument which was commissioned by the Ruling Council over a month ago was finally assembled and unveiled in Governor’s Residence, Imperial City, Tytannia on Sunday. It is now being called Populus Imperium, in reference to the “Populus Imperium Adammiae MMXIV” sub-heading beneath the main “Empire of Adammia” title. As we have reported previously, this monument is a framed list of the names of all Adammic citizens in both English and Latin. More information is available here:

The monument
The Populus Imperium monument in Governor’s Residence.

In other news, it was announced last Friday that Adammic Online Broadcasting’s planned monthly internet radio, which would have been hosted by Emperor Adam I and Madam Alice Sutton DOA, has been cancelled. Instead, AOB will publish monthly music playlists, which citizens can suggest tracks for. The Hallowe’en-themed October 2014 playlist can be found here:

It had been known for some months that High Lord Overseer Sir Damian Parker, governor of Creatuxia, would be moving to a new residence, but it was only today that the Office of the Emperor was able to confirm the size and location of Parker’s new property, after he moved in earlier this month. Emperor Adam promptly issued Imperial Decree XXIX, relocating the Colony of Creatuxia to the new property and ceding the old back to the United Kingdom (though it maintains the name Creatuxia Vetera or Old Creatuxia, much like how Astley Meadow is still used to refer to the present-day site of the former Territorial Claim). Most notably, however, the new location of Creatuxia is a huge property (by British standards), comprising of three fields in addition to the house and garden and coming in at over 19 acres. This is larger even than the Jagstonian Plains, and it has boosted the Empire’s total surface area to 145,701 square metres or 36 acres, which is only slightly less than some prominent micronations such as the Federal Republic of St.Charlie or the Empire of Austenasia. Meanwhile, another key effect of Imperial Decree XXIX is that it upgraded the territory of Borealia, a distant Adammic holding in Devon, to a Colony like Creatuxia, as the Office of the Emperor recognised its continued stability and committment. Borealia is now more autonomous in an official sense (though they did mostly manage their own affairs before), and has Ruling Council representation through the Delegate of the Colonies, currently Emperor Adam I. Decree XXIX can be read here:

That is all for this week. Have a happy Hallowe’en! Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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