News Report – 29th November 2014 – Crown Prince Celebrates Birthday

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – In what has been another quiet week in the Empire, Saturday the 22nd saw the 15th birthday of His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Daniel. The Crown Prince is currently the heir to the Emperor’s throne and is also the Minister of Science and Technology. Whilst much of the Imperial Family dined in a macronational Italian restaurant to celebrate the occasion, HIM the Emperor was not present, as he was away attending the Insomnia Gaming Festival in Coventry for the fifth time. The event, which has long been a meeting place for distant Adammic citizens, was also attended by Madam Becky Spencer-Smith and, for the first time, by Madam Alice Sutton.

In other news, the Foundry in Borealia Colony is now back up and running after its explosion disaster several months ago. The furnace was successfully able to melt copper. The government of the Colony is now planning the construction of a shelter on the site of the old city of Spoliarium Magna, using resources they find around the area. Whether or not this shelter will avoid the attention of the roaming bands of barbarians, commonly known as chavs, remains to be seen.

As nominations open for the December 2014 Grand Unified Micronational Elections, the Emperor has announced that he will probably not be running for a second term as Chairman of the prestigious organisation, although he would consider it if nobody else put their name forward.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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