News Report – 9th December 2014 – Cabinet Meeting Yields Broad New Plans

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – On Sunday the 7th, the Cabinet held one of its rare meetings in Imperial City, Tytannia. The meeting, organised by the Emperor in his capacity as the Prime Minister’s Director of Communications, handled a few minor admin issues before acting as a staging ground for the Emperor’s wide range of proposals about the direction of the government and the Empire as a whole.

The meeting opened with the government relocating the Office of the Deputy PM and the Ministry of Information to Watertopia, in light of the small reshuffle which took place in August, before finally assigning an office to the Ministry of Infrastructure, which replaces the old site of the Ministry of Information in Maternia. However, what followed was far more interesting: noting the government’s general lack of direction, the Emperor suggested a wide range of possible projects and policies aimed towards improving the economy and the Empire as a whole. At the core of these was the introduction of wages to the Empire – small payments which could offset the financial Contributions to the Treasury, giving citizens the choice to contribute to the Empire either financially or through labour. The reasoning behind this is that it will drive up both employment and productivity. This will in turn boost the economy, providing more tax revenue to the government. Already, Contributions and taxes are steadily increasing the Treasury’s balance with record-breaking tax receipts expected at the end of the 4th Quarter in the New Year. With the introduction of public sector wages, government spending will be limited but if the economy continues to improve, this could be offset and the question of where the money will be spent will be raised once again.

It was recognised that large-scale infrastructure projects would be unlikely due to the high cost and the fact that they are needless because they are already provided by the United Kingdom. Instead, areas such as defence, science, education, media and culture were identified as areas of potential investment. Already, the military has seen a lot of government support with the recent purchase of a quadcopter for the Air Force, but there are still many more ways the armed forces could be developed. Meanwhile, the crash at the end of the Andromeda 3 mission means that AISA no longer has a functioning rocket – a replacement rocket is a likely contender for the next government spending allocation. The exact future plans of AISA are unknown, but it is expected that at some point their launch capabilities will be upgraded further.

Something new entirely was proposed – the introduction of education to Adammia with a university of sorts, where lectures would be given on micronational subjects. This would also have the benefit of not costing much to set up. Further suggestions included a cultural expansion with sports being introduced to the Empire, perhaps with the creation of a virtual football team for the popular new M-League tournament. Although auto racing is the national sport, attempts to organise races in the game F1 2012 fell through in recent months, and the plans of the Auto Racing Association are unclear. The final big target was media, with many possible improvements to Adammic Online Television including better microphones and cameras, and also an expansion of this very Adammic Express to include a monthly physical edition, which could be sold in the provinces, alongside the standard weekly articles posted here.

The proposals were met with the support of the Prime Minister, so it is highly likely that this course of action will be developed in the coming weeks and months. Legislation regarding wages could be introduced as soon as January.

In other news, statistics for November were recently collected and the Treasury announced that the month had seen the greatest government income on record, largely due to a sizeable payment of Contributions debt by Myway’s citizens. Income stood at £9, with no expenses.

Finally, we would like to wish a happy birthday to His Imperial Highness Prince Jake, who turned 10 on the 30th of November.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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