News Report – 20th December 2014 – Decree Sparks Major Diplomatic Crisis

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – During the 34th meeting of the Ruling Council today, in its chambers bedecked with Christmas decorations, details were released of Adammia’s biggest foreign affairs crisis to date – involving a declaration of war.

The crisis started when the Office of the Emperor issued Imperial Decree XXX on Thursday the 11th. It was a fairly standard piece of legislation, handling recognitions of new GUM member states and establishing national holidays on the Winter and Summer Solstices. However, one notable paragraph made the Emperor abdicate from a previously-unknown title he had gained in July when becoming Emperor of Borealia: the Leader of the Mohawks. An ancient part of the Devon sector by micronational standards, the Mohawk nation was disestablished long ago and its leadership was merged with that of DEONQED. The Adammic Monarchy unknowingly inherited the office, not knowing that elements of the Mohawks were still active and were reorganising themselves. After learning of the anger of the surviving Mohawks that he legally was their leader, Emperor Adam handed over the office to the Mohawk nation itself, presuming that they would organise themselves as part of the Adammic colony of Borealia, as the only Mohawks who the Adammic government were aware of at that point were both Borealians themselves.

However, this was far from the case. On Monday the 15th, it was revealed that an estimated 8 Mohawks, not affiliated with Adammia, had banded together and had formed a Grand High Council, which promptly sent a declaration of war to the Empire of Adammia. Following a response from the Adammic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, events took a sharp turn when a second email was recieved, claiming that the declaration of war had been sent by Mohawk rebels, and that the genuine Mohawks, a newly-formed Mohawkian Empire, was actually seeking an alliance. General Sir Will McCracken, as the only Mohawk loyal to the Adammic government, was able to verify that the new Empire was real, but there were still big question marks over the sincerity of the new Mohawk policy, with the few Adammians who knew about the situation suspecting that the treaty of alliance the Mohawks had sent could be a trap.

However, some days passed and with the Mohawk leaders hinting that signing the treaty could lead to collaboration between Borealia and the Mohawks – which is sorely needed for the ailing colony – Emperor Adam and General McCracken drafted a more balanced counter-proposal, which focused on McCracken’s role as both an Adammic and Mohawk general to co-ordinate collaboration between the two nations, and allowing either nation to easily back out. However, there has not yet been any response from the Mohawks. For the most part it is expected that Borealia, the only part of the Empire within striking range of the Mohawks, is safe for now.

Throughout the incident, only the Office of the Emperor, the Office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Borealian government and the “secret service” were made aware of the events, owing to the sensitive nature of the Mohawks – a secretive people – when they are discussed publicly and the fact that it was believed the Mohawks were monitoring Adammic communications outlets such as this newspaper (hence the delay in publishing this article), as it was feared that any minor provokation could lead to a fresh declaration of war. In declassifying the incident today before the Ruling Council, the Emperor essentially admitted that the Empire has a secret service, the first time that any indication of the existance of this organisation has been made. However, details such as its official name, or when it was created, remain unknown.

Besides this, today’s Council meeting was notable for being the first meeting where full parliamentary procedure was enforced. The new system reportedly worked fairly smoothly. As this was a trial for the new system brought in under last month’s Internal Procedures Act 2014, no Acts were presented, though it is expected that legislation shall be brought forward in the new year as part of the government’s new plans announced two weeks ago.

As was declared in Decree XXX, the Winter Solstice shall be celebrated for the first time in Adammia tomorrow, though no specific events are planned, so it will largely be treated as a bank holiday. Our next article shall be after Christmas, but readers can keep an eye on Adammic Online Broadcasting, as it is expected that Adammia FM shall publish its December Christmas-themed playlist there in a few days, followed by the Emperor’s Christmas Broadcast on Christmas Day itself.

We wish all our readers a happy Winter Solstice and a very merry Christmas! Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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