News Report – 27th December 2014 – Christmas Sees PM’s First Message to Nation and First Snowfall

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – With the Solstice behind us, the Empire celebrated Christmas this week. Like last year, Christmas Day saw the recording and publication of the Emperor’s Christmas Broadcast. This year, His Imperial Majesty the Emperor discussed the theme of “peace and goodwill” and how it relates to tolerance and respect in the wider micronational community. Interestingly, the speech contained a short message written by the Prime Minister, HIH Emperor Mother Jayne. Although it was read out by the Emperor, this is the first time the Prime Minister has ever directly addressed the nation. The speech, recorded in the Office of the Prime Minister at 1 William Way, Maternia, can be viewed on AOT here.

Maternia Christmas tree Primoria Christmas tree Christmas dinner
L-R: Christmas tree in the Office of the PM, Maternia; Christmas tree in the Imperial Household, Primoria; Table laid for Christmas dinner in Maternia

Furthermore, last night snow was observed falling in Primoria province. This is the first time that snow has been confirmed in an Adammic province since the Empire’s foundation. Due to their proximity it is expected that there was also snowfall in the other provinces, however, Borealia has reported that they had no snow, and the status in Creatuxia is unknown.

Imperial Plains snow Adamsville Park snow
Left: Snow on the Imperial Plains west of Adamsville. Right: Snow in Adamsville Park

Finally we would like to wish a happy birthday to Christina Hall, resident of Myway and the Empire’s youngest citizen, who turned 5 years old on Sunday the 21st.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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