News Report – 7th January 2015 – 2014 Statistics Released

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Following the traditions set last year, the New Year has seen the government collecting and publishing a wide range of statistics and related material for 2014.

Population graph
A population graph of the Empire since its foundation in April 2013

The spreadsheet containing the data, prepared by the Ministry of Information, can be seen here. In 2014, our population (full citizens) grew from 23 to 30, mainly due to the rewards given to soldiers who fought in the Skirmish of Astley Meadow, the incorporation of Borealia, and gifts given by the Emperor to his friends.

However, perhaps the most eye-catching is the economic data. This could only be published after all the quarterly reports for Q4 were sent in at the weekend, but the final total for GDP was worth the wait. During the fourth quarter, Adammic companies AB Animation Ltd. and Top Hat Software became the third and fourth companies in Adammia (after the Capital Wine Company in Q2 2014 and Imperial Mail in Q3 2014) to report profits, inflating the size of the economy massively. Q4 generated more economic activity than the rest of the year combined as a result – its quarterly GDP of £61.95 pushed the annual figure to £107.82, or around $165 USD, a fairly large amount in micronational terms. It is equivalent to £3.59 per capita.

The extra economic activity in the private sector (which was responsible for the majority of the overall figure) also meant increased taxes, which were collected at the weekend. For the first time ever, company profit tax has overtaken the Contributions payments, and January has set a new record for highest government income receipts. The Treasury now contains £43.43 and attention has once again turned to what these funds will be spent on, and with AISA needing a new rocket following the damage to its first model, the national space agency will be a likely target. Unfortunately, the income which caused the boom is not sustainable for now, meaning the economy will likely go into recession and the GDP will return to its usual levels of around £60 per year.

Meanwhile, the Imperial Institute of History released its second annual report, documenting in high detail the events of 2014 so that they may be recorded for posterity. The dossier can be viewed here.

That is all for this week. We acknowledge that articles have been intermittent lately and this will likely continue to be the case until the 17th of January, when the current British A-Level mock exams finish. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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