News Report – 16th January 2015 – Adammia Goes International, Outbids Other Nations to Gain Ohio Territory

Adam I, Editor

WILLIAM WAY, Maternia – The Empire of Adammia was contacted on the 6th of January by Grant Hawkins, a representative from a small territory near Cleveland, Ohio known as the Empire of Nova Atlantis. This state, which was in the process of leaving the Kingdom of Abhaincam due to cultural differences, had been approached by other nations such as Pavlov and Alynam who were interested in an annexation. However, negotiations were opened on the 7th to make Hawkins’ territory the first part of Adammia to lie beyond Great Britain. The Treaty of Cleveland was signed on the 11th, handing over sovereignty to Adammia, immediately followed by Imperial Decree XXXI, which created the territorial claim of Adammic Columbia. The now-Lord Grant Hawkins is the governor of this new territory, which is just under half an acre in size.

Adammic Columbia
An aerial view of Adammic Columbia

Decree XXXI, the first piece of legislation of 2015, also had the effect of replacing Adammia’s Patron Saint. Ever since the Empire’s first set of national symbols were established in May 2013, the Patron Saint had been Jebediah Kerman, a character from the game Kerbal Space Program famed for his bravery. The new Patron Saint is Gabe “Gaben” Newell, the director of the Valve Corporation and a key figure in PC gaming, which plays a major role in Adammic culture. Furthermore, the Decree revoked Madam Sydney Saindon’s title of Princess Consort, leaving the title vacant for the time being, in light of the distancing between herself and the Emperor in recent months.

In other news, on Monday the 12th a minor disturbance occurred in Adammia’s Imperial Skype Lounge. Tom Martin, the former Borealian citizen turned Mohawk leader, briefly took control of General Sir Will McCracken’s computer and flooded the chat with unintelligible spam. Luckily, McCracken was able to remove the messages before anyone read them. The Empire has not heard from the Mohawks officially since December, but it is understood that they are still active and Borealia continues to exercise caution. Meanwhile, Borealia’s government has continued to develop plans for upgrading their furnace in the quest to reach the melting point of iron.

Poor weather has continued to hit the Empire, with a fence panel along the border with the UK border in Primoria being blown off and left lying in the Jebediah Hills, and snow falling in Borealia for the first time. More snow is expected to fall in Creatuxia and possibly in the provinces this weekend.

For the first time ever, the Adammic Express has published a monthly physical edition of the newspaper, distributed in Tytannia last weekend for the price of 10p, allowing us to make profits for the first time which will directly support the Treasury, something which we are very proud of. Now that sales have died down, the PDF of the newspaper will be made available online, and is viewable here.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!



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