News Report – 25th January 2015 – Minimum Wage Established

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Today was the day of the first Ruling Council meeting of 2015 and the passing of the first Act of the year. Following up from the discussions held by the Cabinet in December, the Employment and Wage Act 2015 creates the National Employment Agency. Full citizens can register up to two jobs with this agency, allowing them to claim one of three minimum wage bands if the means exist for such payments (i.e. when they can be reached by the appropriate company/government representative). The lowest band exists for a job that exists on paper but does no actual work, the middle band can be claimed when at least one task has been completed within the given month, and the highest band can be claimed when at least three tasks have been completed. The minimum wage for each band is set by the Minister of Finance, who is currently on holiday in the Canary Islands. The Emperor has suggested that the lower band will be 10p, the middle band 50p, and the higher band £1, but the decision ultimately falls to the Minister. The Act can be read here.

In other news, efforts have begun to reform and expand the Military. A recruitment drive has already seen two new recruits: the first is Commodore Daniel Pettinger, who enlisted on Wednesday the 21st in the Air Force. He has replaced Commodore Sir Tom Bennett as the leader of the Air Force’s only unit, which is now known as the 1st Imperial Air Group. Pettinger owns a range of RC aircraft which should allow a complete upgrade from the previously-used paper airplanes. The second recruit is Lord David Hall, an uncle of the Emperor who has been placed in a new elite unit, the Imperial Guard. Hall was nominated to become the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Ruling Council by the members of the Council, who noted that despite being a regular observer he had no role within the legislature. Interestingly, Lord Sir Andrew Hall (David’s brother) cast the Council’s first ever “oppose” vote in its history – though the motion still passed with 7 votes in favour and 1 oppose.

Plans are underway to greatly formalise the inner workings of the Military. Emperor Adam I and General Sir Will McCracken KOA have been discussing at length the best way to run the military in terms of command structure. It is expected that a range of changes will be manifested through some form of legislation which will be passed within the coming weeks.

Meanwhile in Borealia, a new furnace design, which is cheaper, more portable and more efficient, has been assembled. Tests were carried out today, which ultimately failed due to the crucible being destroyed in action. However, the team have reportedly learned from the mistakes and are optimistic about the furnace’s capabilities. Channel 6 (Werton34) has footage of the testing which can be seen here.

Finally, we would like to wish a belated happy birthday to honourary citizen Matthew Curran, who turned 16 on Tuesday the 6th, and Madam Becky Spencer-Smith COA, who turned 15 on Monday the 12th; and to Nathaniel Stinnett, who turned 18 on Friday the 16th, and to Sir Aidan Bridgeman KOA, who turned 15 on Friday the 23rd.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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