News Report – 11th February 2015 – Defence Reforms Begin

Adam I, Editor

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: We apologise for the over-two-week gap since the previous article, events are progressing slowly and we have been busy with other affairs.

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – On Saturday the 7th, the Ruling Council passed the Defence Act 2015, which implements a number of changes to the Ministry of Defence, the High Command of the Military, and the way classified information is handled. Perhaps most notably, it outlines the procedure for declaring war – an act which can be done by either the Monarch or the Ruling Council, where the Prime Minister makes the final decision if those two bodies were to veto each other. The Act can be read in full here.

Private Ben Cain of the 2nd Infantry Regiment stationed in Borealia informed the Monarchy on the 1st of February that General Sir Will McCracken’s laptop had broken. This means that most communications between Borealia and the central regions have been cut off, though the other Borealians besides Sir Will do offer alternative communication routes in case of an emergency. It is currently unknown when contact with the General, who is now the Emperor’s personal military advisor, will be restored.

This evening, the Emperor had a brief meeting with the Prime Minister in the government offices in Maternia to discuss the issue of formality and engagement within the Ruling Council. Both leaders acknowledged that the majority of the Council members were disinterested in the monthly meetings, which are dominated by the Emperor’s presentation of new legislation. The Prime Minister, echoing her assertions on the length of Council meetings in late 2013, suggested running Council meetings within a fixed time slot, with legislation being reduced to a general summary of the proposed act. The Emperor, meanwhile, noted the general abandonment of parliamentary order at various points within recent meetings, suggesting that meetings be divided into two sections: a formal segment for debating and voting on legislation, followed by a built-in caucus for informal discussion and any other business. The Emperor is reported to be keen to promote the Council as a platform for representatives to raise issues and suggestions which matter to them, in addition to his own proposals, and he believes that an informal caucus will be the best medium for this to take place.

In other news, Lord Grant Hawkins, the governor of Adammic Columbia, has purchased sunflower seeds so that the territory can begin the development of agriculture later this year; the governor has also expressed an interest in changing the focus of his local economy from construction to electronics. On the 1st, Lord Hawkins reported that a blizzard had hit Adammic Columbia.

The National Government has created a centralised main planning document within its Google Drive folder system. This plan contains a legislative agenda for the Ruling Council, points for each government ministry, and sections for the local government of each province. Already on there are points to prepare for Foundation Day in April, which the Emperor is hoping to make the biggest spectacle of the year, and to purchase a new model rocket for AISA. It has also been suggested that Watertopia and Myway should produce maps giving official place-names to smaller areas within them. Video tours of several provinces are said to be on the cards, which would be uploaded to AOT, along with a possible tour of Borealia.

The Emperor’s 17th birthday is on the 19th of February, just 11 days away, and he has accordingly prepared his second Birthday Honours List. This is said to be much shorter than last year’s.

Finally, we would like to wish a happy birthday to Sir Alex Helliker, Knight of the Ordo Vladius and Adammia’s first citizen besides the Emperor, who turned 17 on the 27th of January; to Sir Richard Hytholoday, Lord of Clyro, who turned 19 yesterday; and to honourary citizen Jimmy Alexander, who turned 17 on the 29th of January.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!



  1. What has worked for us in Parliament is dividing each session into Discussion Time, for general discussion of policies and activities without much of a rigid structure, and Legislation Time, when bills are debated and voted upon, everyone having done the reading beforehand.

  2. A comprehensive and interesting report as usual from the Adammic Express! I’m particularly interested in the development of Adammia’s agricultural sector, as mentioned above with regard to Adammic Columbia.

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