News Report – 19th February 2015 – Air Force Headquarters Established

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Following the revival of the Adammic Air Force last month, Emperor Adam I travelled to Commodore Dan Pettinger’s residence on the 14th to inspect the remote-controlled aircraft stored there. It was found that the area, located in South Yorkshire, was more than suitable to act as a military base, with approximately 40 RC aircraft, facilities to repair those aircraft and build new ones, and even amateur radio equipment. As a result, the Emperor issued Imperial Decree XXXII to establish the Territorial Claim of Dearneland. Contained within this territory is AAF Dearneland, an airbase which has been designated the official headquarters of the Air Force. Coinciding with this, AISA’s launch site in the Jagstonian Plains has also been declared an airbase, AAF Jagstonia. Furthermore, a new post for each branch of the military, a Chief-of-Staff, has been created, with HIH Prince Jake becoming Chief-of-Staff for the Army and Commodore Pettinger becoming Chief-of-Staff for the Air Force.

Left: an aerial view of AAF Dearneland. Right: One of the RC aircraft stored at the base.

We reported last week that the main communications link with Borealia had been lost due to the destruction of General Sir Will McCracken’s laptop. However, McCracken returned on the 14th with a new computer, after nearly a fortnight of downtime.

On Sunday the 15th, the Emperor and the Prime Minister decided that the government will research the family histories of the House of Belcher and the House of Hall, in order to better document the Emperor’s relatives and ancestors. Already it has emerged that the Emperor’s grandmother Winifred Hall originally came from a Boxall family, leading to speculation that there could be distant ties with the House of Boxall in Austenasia.

Today was the day of the 17th birthday of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor. As was the case last year, recordings of a 21-gun salute were played in Primoria, and a Birthday Honours List was published, which can be read here. The list sees General Sir Will McCracken joining the elite ranks of the Knight/Dame Commanders, and the other residents of Borealia rewarded with knighthoods for their co-operation in the integration of the colony into the rest of the Empire over the past half a year. Sir Callum Fortune was the only non-Adammic citizen on the list, though he soon applied for honourary citizenship at the Emperor’s invitation.

Finally, we would like to wish a happy birthday to honourary citizen Alicia Armstrong, who turned 17 on the 12th.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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