News Report – 2nd March 2015 – Watertopia Province Adopts Place-names

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – On Saturday the 28th, Watertopia become the fourth province to enact local legislation giving official names to locations within its borders. This has seen a new city being created known as Attenborough, named after Sir David Attenborough, a popular British naturalist, and thus fitting in with the province’s theme (Watertopia itself is named after Charles Waterton). The four transport routes in the province have been named after families which contained ancestors of the modern House of Hall (Hall, Kelly, Boxall and Manns), taking inspiration from the recent research carried out by the government into the Imperial Family’s ancestry.

A map of Watertopia produced by the IIG.

On the subject of the Imperial Family’s ancestry, this weekend the focus turned from Duchess Winifred Hall’s ancestry (the Boxall line), to that of Sir Reginald Hall. The Archduke was able to find a detailed family tree which a distant relative had produced, showing many different lines of ancestry of Sir Reginald’s father (also named Reginald Hall). The actual name “Hall” was traced back four generations above Sir Reginald to Thomas Hall, who would probably have been born in the early 1800s. Thomas Hall was a great-great-great-great-grandfather of Emperor Adam I, and was married to Ellen Brown. However, far more exciting was a line which branched off nine generations above Sir Reginald, making its source the earliest known ancestors of the Imperial Family. They were Thomas and Elizabeth Shepherdson, great x9-grandparents of the Emperor, with Thomas Shepherdson being born around 1656, during the time of the English Commonwealth. This was before White Gold Palace, believed to be the oldest building in Adammia, had even been constructed.

In news regarding foreign affairs, HIM the Emperor has decided to run for a second term as GUM Chairman, this time against James Cheffins, the leader of Mancunia. The decision was surprising considering that British exam season is imminent, but the Emperor’s campaign revolves around preventing someone who he sees as being too inexperienced from assuming the Chairmanship unchallenged. A debate was held between the two candidates in the GUM Lounge earlier today, mediated by Austenasian junior delegate Lord Dux Joseph Kennedy.

On Sunday the 22nd, the Capital Wine Company announced that it would be aiming to begin the production of beer this year, bringing a new product to the Empire’s economy. The company promptly renamed itself to Capital Brewery Ltd., in order to have a more generic brand name. However, the company was outbid at the list minute in an online auction for a beer pump on Saturday the 28th, giving a temporary setback to their plans.

The Minister of Finance, Sir Reginald Hall, stated on Sunday the 28th that the government should scrap the minimum wages introduced by the Employment and Wage Act 2015 in January. Sir Reginald was on holiday when the Ruling Council passed the Act, but his disapproval for the system means it cannot be implemented regardless. Acting on his advice, the Emperor will likely present an amendment to the Act before Council at March’s Ruling Council meeting to suspend the necessary articles. The National Employment Agency, however, will probably remain in place, with the Emperor recently appointed by Sir Reginald as its first director on Saturday. Hall’s sentiments echo those of the Prime Minister, Emperor Mother Jayne, who commented on the Act at Council in January – both believe that most Adammic citizens would be unwilling to accept the wage. The Emperor gives the following comment: “Although I have the responsibility of leading the Empire and therefore propose most of its legislation, it’s possible to get carried away with ideas sometimes if there is no counterbalance to provide an alternative point of view. That is why I intend to consult with my government ministers more often in future when it comes to large-scale projects such as the minimum wage system.”

Finally, we would like to wish a happy birthday to His Grace Sir Reginald Hall COA, who turned 75 on the 22nd of February; to Emmanuel Tsompanoglou (creator of the Adammic Coat of Arms), who turned 17 on the 25th of February; and to Madam Sarah Stinnett DOA, who turned 15 on the 1st of March.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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