News Report – 10th March 2015 – Plans Begin For Second Anniversary Celebrations

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – The Ruling Council met for its 37th session on the 8th of March with a particularly large agenda. The Emperor firstly announced the improvements he would be making to Council proceedings in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister following their discussion last month. Next up was an Amendment to Act 21, which would remove the Act’s minimum wage bands, following the advice of the Minister of Finance. The amendment passed with 7 supports, but has not yet been given Imperial consent as the document was accidentally left behind in Imperial City after the Emperor returned home to Adamsville. Then came Imperial Decree XXXII which claimed the airbase at Dearneland several weeks ago, which was reviewed swiftly and without incident.

The focal point of the meeting, however, was an informal discussion regarding Foundation Day. The Emperor temporarily suspended parliamentary order by initiating caucus for the first time, allowing people to offer their suggestions for the day’s events. It had already been decided, following examination of the schedules of key government figures around the 13th of April (the actual date of the original Foundation Day), that the celebrations will take place on Saturday the 11th of April. Further elaborations offered by various Council members were as follows:

-HG Sir Reginald Hall, like last year, suggested that the celebrations could take place somewhere other than White Gold Palace, such as taking the form of a picnic in a British park. The Emperor’s wish for the celebrations to take place on Adammic territory and concerns about the weather soon shot this down.
-Sir Reginald also confirmed that his company, Capital Brewery Ltd., will be providing free wine on the day, as well as possibly free beer if the first batch has been produced by then.
-It was decided that the funds currently in the Treasury, which amount to nearly £60, will be split between Foundation Day itself and any further investments agreed by the Council in its next session on Foundation Day. HG Sir Christopher Hall proposed that all citizens be allowed to submit their top three suggestions for public spending, which will be reviewed by the government. His daughter Eleanor Hall, observing at the meeting, began the process of collecting some of these suggestions.
-HG Sir Christopher Hall suggested that the Adammic Air Force could put on a display. Whilst the Emperor expressed doubts due to the relatively confined nature of the local area, His Majesty said that he would ask Commodore Sir Dan Pettinger if the idea could be carried out using one of the RC aircraft stored at AAF Dearneland. If not, it might still be possible using the Air Force’s as-yet untested RC quadcopter stored in Primoria. Whilst guests from the military, as happened last year, is still a possibility, it is looking less likely.
-HIH Prince Jake suggested that a cake be baked, bearing the design of the Adammic flag in icing. The idea was met with great support, and plans to bake the cake in Maternia province were drawn up. The Emperor suggested to the Prime Minister that a new company could be set up in Maternia specialising in baking, which, in addition to providing the cake on Foundation Day, could sell other products in future, such as scones.

The Council session lasted half an hour and notably was the first time that Myway’s representatives have been present since last year’s Foundation Day.

In other news, scouts from Borealia made a shocking discovery on Saturday the 7th – a settlement had sprung up in the woods north-east of the Colony, on the site of the DEONQED-era Fort NED. Photographs showed a highly-developed shelter, firepits and stockpiles of raw materials. The scouts realised that the settlement was using resources previously owned by DEONQED, and deciding that it was still rightfully theirs, they attempted to retrieve it, at which point they were discovered by the inhabitants of the settlement. They were promptly chased back to Borealia by the now-hostile strangers, who reportedly numbered four, were teenagers to young adults, and were wielding axes. The Emperor has ordered a letter to be delivered to the settlement apologising for the incident and offering to establish diplomatic relations. In the meantime, the 2nd Infantry Division has begun setting up defences in Borealia in case there is a further conflict with this new group, excavating a hole which will be used to make a bunker.

Finally, we would like to wish a happy birthday to Debbie Shaw, Councilor of Myway, who turned 48 on Thursday the 5th; to Cameron Saxon, former Adammic Army member, who turned 17 on Sunday the 8th; and to honourary citizen Lorina Millthorpe, who turned 17 today.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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