News Report – 22nd March 2015 – Failed Election Sees GUM In Chaos

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – The past few weeks have thrown the future of the Grand Unified Micronational into serious doubt. Standard elections were scheduled for the beginning of March, in which Emperor Adam I ran against Mancunian leader James Cheffins for the office of Chair. On Friday the 13th, the election winners were announced, with the Emperor seemingly securing the Chairmanship for a second time. However, the Emperor’s own investigation into the GUM Charter soon revealed that the whole election was invalid. The reason: a mere FIVE nations had voted, less than a third of the organisation’s member states and nowhere near the 50%+ needed to validate the election. The incumbent Chair, Reylan Emperor Taeglan I Nihilus, immediately set about organising a second election, but the news came as a shock to many delegates. Discussion in the GUM Lounge, followed by a meeting of Quorum on Sunday the 15th, showed that there is a general consensus that activity in the GUM is at an all-time low. Some delegates, such as Mercian leader Richard Hytholoday, advocate a more proactive stance which would see the organisation attempting to become more involved in the wider community. Emperor Adam, meanwhile, suggested the creation of a proper GUM website in order to vastly improve the GUM’s PR and make it more appealing to professional micronations. Such a website would include a news feed and minutes of every Quorum, and would be funded by Adammia’s national government. Several younger micronations expressed their enthusiasm for the continued existance of the GUM and supported the plans.

However, it seems that the GUM’s decline is only continuing. In recent months, both the Kingdom of Wyvern and the Commonwealth of Vyktory have left the GUM. The retirement of Kuri Kabanov in the past week has left Renasia without an active delegate, and reports circulate that Renasia itself, the last surviving founding member state of the GUM (known at the time as Scientopia), is on the brink of dissolving. The Tsardom of Ashukovo also recently dissolved. USLSSR delegate Alex Whitmarsh, when asked about the subject, expressed clearly that he had no qualms with maintaining his nation’s inactivity within the GUM. The outside perception of the GUM by the “old guard” of the community is also increasingly negative. In the Yellow Bear Micronational skype chat, former micronationalist Volfym and Tianan leader Joseph Duncan both suggested that the GUM is pointless, and St. Charlian president Alexander Reinhardt – once a leading GUM delegate – advised the Emperor that the GUM be dissolved. This is a view shared by Austenasian delegate and Prime Minister Joseph Kennedy, who is set to become Emperor Adam’s Vice Chair assuming Adam wins the new election.

However, even that is facing its own problems. The nomination period for the new election closed in the past few hours, but no name has been put down for Security secretary, which will likely cause even further delays. The GUM Charter gives little guidance on how to deal with this situation, which only adds to the trouble. The question is now whether or not the GUM will be dissolved. With the Emperor’s plan to give direct Adammic support to a GUM website if and when he is able to take office, up to 12% of the Empire’s funds stored in HM Imperial Treasury is on the line, so it is hoped that a resolution be found soon. Nonetheless, if the Emperor’s plan does not work, then the dissolution of the GUM seems inevitable.

In other news, legislation applying specifically to the territorial claim of Adammic Columbia for the first time was signed on Wednesday the 18th, taking the form of an edict issued under the authority of Imperial Decree XXXI, which established the territory in January. The edict, mostly written by the territory’s governor Lord Sir Grant Hawkins, established English as the official language of Adammic Columbia, with Irish, Polish and Ukrainian as local “ancestral languages”, and Korean as a local “cultural language”.

Finally, we would like to wish a happy birthday to Sir Sean Gunther, Ambassador to Canada, who turned 16 on the 12th; to Sir Jon of the South, who turned 19 on the 15th; to Sir Callum Fortune, who turned 18 on the 15th; to Lord Sir David Hall, Baron of the Sapientia Lowlands and Sergeant-at-Arms of the Ruling Council, who turned 38 on the 16th; and to honourary citizen Fredrick Jones, who turned 19 on the 16th.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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