BREAKING NEWS: PM Resigns, Snap Election Called

Adam I, Editor

IMPERIAL CITY, Tytannia – In the past few hours, word has come in from the Office of the Prime Minister that HIH Emperor Mother Jayne, Prime Minister of Adammia, has resigned as head of government. The announcement comes following a series of allegations that the PM had violated the Defence Act 2015 by ordering an occupation of the Sorrenian Federation without a state of war having first been declared.

This has left the government in a massive power vacuum and a number of hopefuls are already rising to the challenge, preparing to run in a snap election which the Emperor has called on the weekend of the 18th-19th of April.

First amongst these is the Conservatory Party, led by the Councilor of Tytannia, Sir Reginald Hall. With a campaign focusing on economic growth, the Conservatories have already published a plan for public spending which sees a cut in company tax. This means that the wine sold by Capital Brewery Ltd. now costs 9p instead of 10p. The fact that the leader of the party is also the CEO of Capital Brewery Ltd. has been the source of some criticism.

Another key contender is Julie Foster’s Lefty Party. They seek to re-introduce the minimum wage, which was introduced in January and abolished in March. Other policies include the creation of an Imperial Health Service (IHS), which will be funded by nationalising Capital Brewery Ltd. and AB Animation Ltd. The latter company, one of the most-watched Adammic broadcasters, reacted to this by posting a video to their “Craftanium” series, viewable here, appearing to show the party leader struggling to eat a scone.

Although the Conservatories and the Lefties have each gained a lot of support, Adammia’s oldest party, the Emperor’s Liberal Party, has struggled to catch up. It still has only a single member, the Emperor, who is not allowed to run for PM due to being Monarch. As a result, they are focusing on raising funds for campaign material such as posters. Reports have come in that a large donation from an unknown individual at the Office of the Emperor could help the party.

Meanwhile, a number of smaller parties have exploited the power vacuum to make their mark known. It is possible that no candidate will be able to secure a majority, so a coalition government could be formed for the first time in the Empire’s history. Who could support the Conservatories or the Lefties in such a coalition? One likely party is General Sir Will McCracken’s Adammic Independence Party. Their key policy is for the Empire to exit the Grand Unified Micronational, blaming an influx of immigrants from other GUM member states such as Mercia for economic problems throughout Adammia. Critics have pointed out that immigration into Adammia has been at 0 for almost a year, and also that the GUMzone Inactivity Crisis means that the GUM will likely dissolve in the coming weeks anyway, leaving ADIP without any clear direction.

A party which has gathered a lot of support amongst Adammia’s youth is Prince Jake’s Cyan Party. A key policy of theirs is the legalisation of cannabis, an odd move considering that technically cannabis is already legal in Adammia and is only banned due to the influence of the neighbouring UK. Prince Jake was unavailable for comment, but we did find this from one of his YouTube videos. Meanwhile, Adammia’s first regional party, Sir Christopher Hall’s Myway National Party, is advocating a greater devolution of powers from the Ruling Council to Myway’s local government, as well as giving a larger portion of the Treasury budget to Myway. Although the MNP have released a statement saying that they are confident that they can enter a coalition with the Lefty Party, the Lefties are yet to recognise the MNP’s existance.

The Adammic Express will keep posting updates in the run-up to the election. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!

UPDATE: April Fools!


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