News Report – 17th April 2015 – Foundation Day 2015 Celebrated

Note from the Editor: We apologise for the hiatus over the past few weeks. Unfortunately this will likely continue until June due to exams in the United Kingdom.

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – On Saturday the 11th of April, the majority of the residents of the Adammic provinces and other citizens in the local area, numbering 12 in total, convened at the Empire’s capital of Imperial City for the official celebrations of the second anniversary of the Empire’s founding. Like last year, a buffet was organised by Prime Minister Emperor Mother Jayne in White Gold Palace. HIM the Emperor began the day’s events with this speech. A temporary museum was set up at the government headquarters showcasing a range of artifacts from the Empire’s history, including decommissioned paper airplanes from the AAF and the original hand-drawn paper Adammic flag. Sadly, the event was mired by the absence of Myway’s residents, who failed to turn up for reasons unknown. Their presence would have meant that a rare full 11-member Ruling Council session could have taken place, at which there was set to be discussion regarding public spending. This meeting has now been postponed. The AAF conducted tests of its RC quadcopter in the Ministry of Finance, observed by the Western Regiment and Crown Prince Daniel, but a full public demonstration in Imperial Square was also called off due to the need for technical adjustments to the aircraft. Despite the problems, all those gathered enjoyed the day. The party coincided with the Grand National horse race in the United Kingdom and bets were placed at a nearby British establishment, with the Deputy Prime Minister Julie Foster winning ¬£40. Meanwhile, the Emperor sampled the Capital Brewery’s wine, made by his grandfather Sir Reginald Hall, though he expressed displeasure at its taste and indicated a preference for his official supplier of cider, Kopparbergs (see below), of which there was none available. Foundation Day itself, on the 13th of April, was uneventful.

The Foundation Day buffet.

The government has launched a cultural survey in order to better understand Adammic culture. Citizens have been asked about their tastes in music, films and TV, video games, cuisine, sports and more. A report will likely be published discussing the results once enough responses have been collected.

On Tuesday the 7th of April, the Office of the Emperor issued Imperial Decree XXXIII. This legislation created a system known as the Imperial Warrant of Appointment, an honour which is bestowed by the Monarch’s executive order to a company which provides some form of goods or services to the Monarch or the Imperial Family. The company will then be able to display this warrant in their advertising. The system is based on an equivalent system in the United Kingdom, and was inspired after the Emperor saw the British equivalent on the packaging of his Cadbury’s easter egg. The Emperor had just returned from the Insomnia Gaming Festival in Coventry (meeting as usual a number of Adammic citizens including General Sir Guy Crossland, Madam Becky Spencer-Smith, Madam Alice Sutton and Sir Callum Fortune; General Sir Will McCracken was also present but was unable to find the Emperor due to his lack of a mobile phone), where he drank alcoholic beverages for the first time; he soon gained a liking for Kopparbergs cider and wished to use the Warrant system to recognise the brewery accordingly. So far, two Adammic companies have been granted a warrant, along with British, American, Swedish, Japanese and Swiss companies. The full list can be read here.

On Sunday the 29th of March, the Empire signed a treaty establishing formal diplomatic relations with the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis. They become the eighth micronation to have such a treaty with Adammia, although one of the previous such nations, Ashukovo, recently went defunct.

Finally, we would like to wish a happy birthday to Connor Hampton, former Army spec-ops member, who turned 17 on the 26th of March; Ellis Robertston, former Army soldier, who turned 17 on the 30th of March; and to HG Sir Paul McKenna, Duke of Maternia and Minister of Infrastructure, who turned 52 yesterday.

That is all for now. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire! Two years gone and many more to come!


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