News Report – 14th May 2015 – Creatuxia Leaves The Empire

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – On Sunday the 19th of April, the Office of the Emperor issued Imperial Decree XXXIV, ceding the Colony of Creatuxia back to the United Kingdom and promoting Adammic Columbia from a Territorial Claim to a Colony.

The move came after brief talks between HIM the Emperor and the now-former High Lord Overseer of Creatuxia, Sir Damian Parker. Creatuxia has always been relatively inactive as a micronational territory, but now that the Emperor and the governor have personally drifted apart, it was believed that Creatuxia had de-facto completely fallen out of Adammic jurisdiction. The basic administration of the Colony had long-since ground to a halt – new residents had moved into Creatuxia but were never given the chance to claim Adammic citizenship, in violation of Imperial Decree XXV. In light of this negligence, Creatuxia was dissolved and the land it occupied was returned to the UK, causing the Empire to lose more than half of its surface area. Creatuxia was replaced with Adammia’s only overseas territory, Adammic Columbia, as the second Colony alongside Borealia, reflecting Adammic Columbia’s stability within the Empire since it was first admitted in January. This follows a similar model to how Borealia joined the Empire last year.

The coffers of HM Imperial Treasury have continued to grow as Contributions saw the £70 milestone surpassed for the first time ever at the beginning of May, which is equivalent to over $100 USD. Complications around Foundation Day saw the allocation of funds for public spending delayed, and the Minister of Finance, Sir Reginald Hall, has been abroad in Wales completing a 17-day coastal walk, which has further postponed any action. It is possible that a decision will be made this weekend.

In Borealia, the 2nd Infantry Division has continued construction of a bunker.

General Sir Will McCracken released this picture of the bunker, which currently resembles a foxhole.

Finally, we would like to wish a happy birthday to Private Sir Nathaniel Scarbrough, member of the 2nd Infantry Division, who turned 14 on the 20th of April. Please note that this section will now only be used for full citizens.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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