News Report – 21st May 2015 – AISA Prioritised in New Budget

Adam I, Editor

BARNSLEY, South Yorkshire – At the 39th meeting of the Ruling Council on Saturday the 16th of May, the Adammic legislature gave its formal endorsements to several proposals regarding government expenditure. Firstly, HIM the Emperor suggested £20 be allocated to the Adammic Imperial Space Agency to enable it to buy a new rocket and other important rocket accessories. He then proposed a further £5 be used to acquire adhesive sticker paper, an idea which was first suggested to him by Lord Sir Grant Hawkins, the governor of Adammic Columbia. This sticker paper would have a range of uses, particularly for making postage stamps and labels for bottles of Capital Brewery wine. Following this, the floor was opened for discussion and any other ideas the Council may have. HG Sir Reginald Hall, Minister of Finance, responded by saying that the £25 of spending, which would leave around £45 left in the Treasury, would be adequate for now and that the rest should be saved for later. Immediately afterwards, HIH Emperor Mother Jayne, the Prime Minister, suggested that funding could be allocated to celebrations of the Duchess of Tytannia, HG Madam Winifred Hall’s 70th birthday at the end of May, under the banner of the Ministry of Culture. The three proposed areas of funding were then voted on separately and were all passed. Although not strictly necessary, it is becoming a convention for the Council to approve public spending plans before the Minister of Finance gives the final clearance. The first £25 has already been spent and the sticker paper has already been delivered to Adamsville, whilst an undetermined amount (though probably not exceeding a further £25) may be spent on Madam Winifred’s birthday either this weekend or the one after, depending on the weather. The Prime Minister’s proposal of funding these celebrations is notable for being the first time that a Council member besides the Emperor has put a formal proposal to the Council to then be motioned and voted on. The Emperor stated that he was very pleased with this occasion.

Meanwhile, there has been talk of upcoming changes to the Council’s structure. Major Sir Matthew Foster expressed an interest in being able to vote at Council, to which his mother HG Julie Foster suggested giving up one of her two seats in his favour. As Sir Matthew is too young to be a Councilor, this means that Julie will probably step down as Duchess of Watertopia and that the Council will appoint Sir Matthew to be her successor as Duke of Watertopia in June. It has also been suggested that in order to make Lord Sir David Hall a voting member of the Council, his property may be annexed as a sixth province of the Empire, but this raises a few of potential complications: Sir David lives in a council property which he does not legally own, and full ownership is an implied prerequisite in the Supreme Directive; also, as Sir David is the only resident of the property, he would hold both seats, which is something the Council is keen to avoid where possible. It is plausible that in this event, a constitutional amendment would be proposed to abolish the office of Delegate of Abroad Citizens, which is Lord Sir Andrew Hall’s current Council seat, so that Sir Andrew could be made the Duke of the new province whilst Sir David remains its Councilor (it is not unheard of for the landed noble of a province to not be a resident: Prince Jake was Duke of Maternia for over a year). Another complication is that Lord Sir David is currently the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Ruling Council, and question marks are raised about whether he could fulfill this role fairly whilst also being an actual member of the Council.

Finally, we would like to wish a happy birthday to Her Imperial Highness Emperor Mother Jayne, the Prime Minister and Councilor of Maternia, who turned 47 on the Monday the 18th.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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