News Report – 29th June 2015 – New Agencies Created as Elections Loom

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – The Empire is entering its third summer and activity is returning to the realm after it was effectively rendered headless for past two months due to the Emperor’s academic commitments. Celebrations for the 70th birthday of Madam Winifred Hall, the Duchess of Tytannia and Minister of the Environment, went ahead on the 30th of May with a barbecue in Imperial Square attended by most of the members of the House of Hall. The Emperor was present and was provided with Kopparberg cider, a brand he has granted an Imperial Warrant of Appointment, by the residents of Maternia province. Despite the Prime Minister’s proposal that she put forward at Council two weeks earlier, no Treasury funds were spent on the event in the end. Meanwhile, the supplies commissioned by the Council have been bought by the Treasury and have been delivered to Adamsville. AISA’s new rocket is currently awaiting construction.

The Emperor published an Act on the 7th of June which would create two new Government Agencies: the Imperial Archive and the Imperial Statistics Office, both under the Ministry of Information. The agencies are intended to replace the work the Emperor has been carrying out on behalf of the Ministry, usually without its knowledge, so that these functions take place in an official context. The Ruling Council passed the Act at its 40th meeting on the 21st of June with 9 votes in favour and 3 not present, which was the highest number of supports on an Act since the Economy Act in May last year, aided by a rare appearance of the representatives of Myway. The Emperor, at the meeting, noted the Summer Solstice, one of the few Adammic national holidays, and granted one knighthood and two damehoods, which now gives us Lord Sir David Hall KOA, Her Grace Madam Julie Foster DOA DPM, and Madam Debbie Shaw DOA. A director has yet to be appointed to the new agencies but it is expected that it will be the Emperor, as he already has access to the required files.

However, this year’s elections will no doubt soon be the topic occupying everyone’s attention. The Emperor is yet to call elections, but Local Elections are expected in late July with the National Election taking place in mid August. The Emperor is keen to bring party politics into the system, suggesting that the current Council representatives can easily identify with two or three “teams” each competing to bring the best ideas to the table, with this friendly rivalry giving a big boost to Adammia’s politics. The first stirrings of activity on this front have already begun. On Friday the 25th of June, celebrations were held for the 40th birthday of the Deputy Prime Minister, Her Grace Madam Julie Foster, in a British pub near her home province of Watertopia. 16 Adammic citizens, all members of the House of Hall, were present, including the entirety of the Ruling Council. Although no official Adammic business was planned, the Emperor had lengthy discussions with His Grace Sir Christopher Hall of Myway. His Majesty suggested that Sir Christopher could lead a political party, which would lend itself well to Sir Christopher’s lofty, though usually jocular, political ambitions within the Empire. Though a bottle of Bulmers was not enough for the Duke to convince the Emperor to call a monarchical election (which is impossible anyway), there were suggestions of a possible right-wing party led by Sir Christopher, which would be in direct opposition to the Emperor’s own, already existing Liberal Party. Both parties would undoubtedly try to hoover up members, but it is plausible that many prominent Adammic politicians would be unwilling to side with either end of the spectrum. The next day, a way of filling that gap was proposed – the Emperor suggested to the Prime Minister, Emperor Mother Jayne, that she create a sort of moderate party, which again would fit well with her generally neutral stance.

We see then how the battle lines might be drawn in the coming weeks. The Emperor’s Liberal Party, a right-wing party led by Sir Christopher Hall, and a possible moderate party led by Emperor Mother Jayne. Party names need to be decided upon before they can be registered with the Office of State, but it is only a matter of time before the 2015 election season gets in full swing.

In other news, there was a small confrontation between Billy, mascot of the Adammic Army, and a British cat in the Highlands area of Tytannia Major on Saturday the 26th. The cat was spotted by government officials from the kitchen of White Gold Palace sitting on Norton Road (the A1). HG Sir Paul McKenna summoned Billy to chase the animal away. The 6-year-old dog spent some time simply wondering around the county until he spotted the cat and charged at it, causing it to leap over the border back into the UK. The Emperor was reportedly impressed with the Army’s mascot’s ability to keep the Empire’s borders secure.

That is all. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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