News Report – 15th July 2015 – Colonial Council Formed

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – The 41st meeting of the Ruling Council on Saturday the 11th resulted in the creation of something which could prove to be a massive force in Adammic politics – a completely new legislature, the Colonial Council. Comprised of representatives from each of the Empire’s colonies in an online venue, this council will be able to debate bills which, if passed, must then be forwarded to the Ruling Council for consideration. The idea was first conceived by the Emperor back in May when Lord Sir Grant Hawkins, Governor of Adammic Columbia, complained about the difficulties colonies faced in contributing legislation to the Empire. The eventual result was the Colonial Council Act 2015, which can be read here. The main condition applied to the Colonial Council is that it can only pass bills that affect either only the Colonies, or the entire Empire – as opposed to standard Acts of Council which only affect the Provinces unless stated otherwise. The Lord Chancellor (Emperor Adam I) presides over the Colonial Council and is expected to establish its online venue shortly. The Council meeting where the Act was passed was the final meeting of the term of II Legislature and was marked with a plenary reflecting on the past year; the first meeting of III Legislature will take place after elections in August.

Meanwhile, the Emperor announced on Sunday the 5th that Local Elections would be held in all five provinces on Saturday the 25th of July – 10 days from today. As of yet, no candidates have been registered and there has also been no progress on the political party front, with no word from Myway regarding Sir Christopher Hall’s possible right-wing party. This has led to concern at the Office of the Emperor that Adammia does not have enough time to prepare for these elections. Nonetheless, it is expected that most candidates will be announced by the weekend.

Minister of Information, Madam Julie Foster, appointed Emperor Adam as director of both the Imperial Archive and the Imperial Statistics Office on the 5th of July. The Emperor has begun setting up the Archive, with the agency already assuming ownership of documents such as Adammia’s copy of the former Charter of the Grand Unified Micronational, amongst other things.

The Empire’s national website,, suffered continuous downtime from the 2nd to the 12th of July, when the server admin and former colonial governor Sir Damian Parker restarted it. The Office of the Emperor apologised for the technical issues on Twitter, in what is believed to have been the longest continuous downtime since the website was created in December 2013.

The Empire experienced its hottest temperatures since its foundation during a heatwave that peaked on Wednesday the 1st of July at around 30-31 degrees celsius. This was followed by a major thunderstorm which hit the provinces in the early hours of Saturday the 4th and a smaller storm observed from White Gold Palace on the afternoon of the 5th.

That is all; seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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