News Report – 24th July 2015 – Two New Parties Formed as Amendment to Supreme Directive Proposed

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – It is the eve of local elections. Candidates have been declared in most provinces and ballot papers have been printed, although with the small populations of the provinces it is not expected that there will be any seats changing hands. However, a huge political change is ahead: for the first time ever, numerous candidates are running under the colours of a political party – and even more could follow them.

When election season first began to approach around a month ago, the Adammic Express predicted what the battle lines might look like: the Emperor’s Liberal Party facing off against a right-wing party led by Sir Christopher Hall, with a moderate party led by Prime Minister Emperor Mother Jayne – and presumably containing other politicians perceived as neutral such as Sir Reginald Hall – sandwiched between them. As of today, there has still been no word from Myway regarding the formation of a right-wing party, so on Saturday the 18th, the Emperor, in a bid to create some competition in the elections before it was too late, encouraged the Prime Minister to form her moderate party – and so the Moderate Party was registered with her as party president. It was now imagined that the Liberals and Moderates, with no other parties in the way, would swiftly hoover up the members of the Ruling Council into two opposing camps. That was, until Sir Reginald Hall, in a surprising twist, declined to join either party, instead registering his own party – the Labour Party of Adammia. Not only that, but so far the Labour Party has become the only party with multiple members, after Sir Paul McKenna also joined the party.

Although Labour has had a good early start, the other parties are bound to catch up – but they may face some difficulty. Already, two members of the Ruling Council, Crown Prince Daniel and Madam Winifred Hall, have declared their intentions to remain independents. Meanwhile, Madam Julie Foster is said to be waiting to see the policies offered by the different parties before deciding which one to join. Her stance is valid indeed considering that until recently, no parties have actually had any policies outlined. On Wednesday the 22nd, the Liberal Party published a manifesto in an attempt to change this: it can be read here. The Moderates and Labour will no doubt soon follow suit. Just how many members of the Ruling Council decide to join a party remains to be seen – one third of members now belong to a political party, but this figure could easily reach two thirds or even five sixths.

The elections tomorrow are fairly predictable: Tytannia has only one candidate, Sir Reginald Hall, which will be an easy win for Labour. Watertopia also has only one candidate, Madam Julie Foster, who is independent at the moment but is expected to join one of the three parties, possibly even before the vote is held. Both the Emperor and the Crown Prince Daniel are running in Primoria, but the seat is expected to be held by the heir, with the Emperor simply being a paper candidate for the Liberals. It is a similar story in Maternia, where Moderate candidate Emperor Mother Jayne is expected to defeat the Labour paper candidate Sir Paul McKenna. The only province where we have little idea what to expect is Myway, which, despite having been sent instructions by the Office of State, has not announced any candidates or party affiliations – who ran, which parties they represented and the votes themselves are all expected to be published in the days afterwards – and Sir Christopher Hall, Madam Debbie Shaw, and Eleanor Hall are all eligible to take the position, leaving a far more open-ended election than any other province.

Then, earlier today, there was another potentially huge announcement: the Office of the Emperor exercised its constitutional right to propose an amendment to the Supreme Directive. The Second Amendment, which can be read here, makes a number of small changes to make various corrections and generally making the Empire’s constitution more legally waterproof, including recognising Territorial Claims – which would now be known as Territories – as an official part of the Empire. It also renames the National Government to the “Imperial Government”. However, its most important change is allowing any member of the Ruling Council (who is over 12 and not the Monarch) to run for Prime Minister in National Elections – something which previously only Councilors were allowed to do. The implications are huge: there would be twice as many potential Prime Ministers in the roster. The referendum to determine if the amendment will take effect is scheduled for Saturday the 1st of August, eight days from now. This would of course precede the 2015 National Election, which is currently likely to take place on either the 3rd or 4th weekend of August. With the Imperial Family going on holiday to Lincolnshire from the 8th to the 10th, and the Emperor attending Insomnia Gaming Festival as per usual from the 28th to the 31st, it may be difficult fitting in both the National Election and the State Opening of Council. How Adammia’s leaders will navigate this busy August remains to be seen.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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