News Report – 4th August 2015 – Second Amendment Proclaimed, National Election Candidates Announced

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – The Empire of Adammia has seen two votes in the past two weeks: Local Elections on Saturday the 25th, followed by the referendum on the Second Amendment on Sunday the 2nd. The results of the Local Elections are as expected in terms of the individual candidates, but the political parties those candidates have been joining is where the real intrigue is to be found. In Tytannia, Labour Party leader Sir Reginald Hall gained an easy re-election as Councilor, whilst Moderate Party leader Emperor Mother Jayne defeated Labour candidate Sir Paul McKenna to be re-elected Councilor of Maternia. Crown Prince Daniel was re-elected in Primoria, defeating Liberal Party candidate Emperor Adam I, though the Crown Prince has decided to remain independent. The Moderate Party gained a big boost when Madam Julie Foster decided to join the party just before the elections, before being re-elected as Councilor of Watertopia; as she is also Duchess of Watertopia, the Moderate Party has overtaken the Labour Party in terms of Ruling Council seats, now holding 3 out of the 12 seats available. There was also good news for the Liberal Party when Prince Jake and Sir Matthew Foster both joined the party. The Liberals now have 2 seats in Council, and they could unseat the Moderates as the largest in Council when the expected replacement of Madam Julie Foster with Sir Matthew Foster as the landed noble of Watertopia goes ahead later this month. Meanwhile, Myway has not yet declared its results, despite being well over a week late. Whether any of the three parties could make gains there remains to be seen, as both of Myway’s seats are currently held by independents. Lord Sir Andrew Hall is expected to join a party after reading manifestos by all the parties; we reported in our last article that the Liberals had published a manifesto, and the Moderates followed suit on the 25th, with the document written by the Prime Minister focusing heavily on the concepts of family life: it can be read here. The Labour Party has yet to produce a manifesto.

The referendum to determine whether or not the proposed Second Amendment would be enacted was held on the 2nd. 16 votes were cast out of a total of 29 eligible citizens, giving a turnout of 55%. 15 votes (94%) supported the amendment and 1 vote (6%) opposed it. The Second Amendment to the Supreme Directive was therefore signed by Emperor Adam I on behalf of the People at 1am on the 3rd of August. This is the first time that Adammia’s fundamental law has been changed since November 2013.

Yesterday, preparations began for the finale of election season: the National Election, where the Prime Minister for the upcoming term is determined, scheduled for Sunday the 16th of August. Incumbent Prime Minister and Moderate Party leader Emperor Mother Jayne is seeking re-election to a third term, whilst the Labour Party has nominated Sir Paul McKenna, utilising the changes brought in by the Second Amendment which allow any member of the Ruling Council – not just the Councilors – to run for Prime Minister. The Liberal Party has not nominated a candidate since none of its members meet the requirements to be PM (they are either below the age of 12 or are the Monarch). It appears as though it will once-again be a two-horse race, though the new partisan nature of this year’s election could lead to some interesting results.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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