2015 National Election Special – Interviews with the Candidates

The date is Saturday the 15th of August, and tomorrow Adammia goes to the polls for the finale to the 2015 election season: the National Election, which will decide the Prime Minister of the Empire for the coming year. This is Adammia’s third National Election, and as the Empire’s only Prime Minister, HIH Emperor Mother Jayne has won the last two. However, up until 2015 all Prime Ministerial candidates have been independent politicians, something which has completely changed in the past month. This time, the Emperor Mother is seeking re-election as the leader of her newly-founded Moderate Party. Her challenger this year is a representative of the also-new Labour Party – not its leader, Sir Reginald Hall, but regular member Sir Paul McKenna. McKenna is allowed to run because of the recently-proclaimed Second Amendment to the Supreme Directive – previously only Councilors could run, but now any member of the Ruling Council over the age of 12 can run, including McKenna in his capacity as Duke of Maternia. There is no Liberal Party candidate as both its Council members are ineligible – Emperor Adam is the Monarch and Prince Jake is under 12 years old. Thus we again have just two candidates, interestingly both residents of Maternia and partners.

As is traditional, the Adammic Express has interviewed the candidates to help the electorate make an informed choice. The Emperor Mother provided notes which she then explained orally – hence the paraphrasing – whereas McKenna provided only a written response.

Interview with Her Imperial Highness Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher, Councilor of Maternia (MODERATE)

What should the government focus on in the coming year?
The incumbent PM said that the government should “focus on re-establishing roles and expectations of members”, referring to the Cabinet. She went on to describe the “small expected contributions” she wanted to see, noting the relative inactivity of most Cabinet ministers, and suggested that the best way to engage those members would be by asking their opinion on matters relating to their department (Environment, Culture etc.), which would help to formulate policy and mean that 98% of decision-making isn’t simply done by the Emperor.

What should our spending priorities be?
The PM was quick to highlight the success of projects such as AISA’s Andromeda 3 mission, pointing out that “looking at flight exploration” and “protecting the nation” were ways of having fun whilst simultaneously increasing the international prestige of the Empire. Along with new science and defence projects, she also said that “money should be spent on celebrations” (Treasury funds are often supposed to be directed towards events such as Foundation Day and summer Imperial Square barbecues, but they always end up privately funded instead).

Should Adammia introduce any new laws or remove any existing ones?
“Adammia does not need to introduce new laws. The existing laws fulfill society’s expectations. There are no major issues that need addressing as yet.”

Any final thoughts?
“Future consideration should be given to expanding and enhancing relations with other micronations.” The PM expanded on this by suggesting that alliances which encourage other nations to collaborate with Adammic projects could be a goal for the government to work on.

Interview with His Grace Sir Paul McKenna, Duke of Maternia (LABOUR)

What should the government focus on in the coming year?
“In the coming year the government should focus on widening the general involvement of the citizens of Adamia in the running of governmental departments. A wider involvement will help give more backing to the Emperor.”

What should our spending priorities be?
“The budget for the coming year needs to be spent wisely as funds need to be retained for any emergency measures which may arrive. The current policy of spending on Air Force projects, Foundation day celebrations and culture projects is, in my opinion, a good policy.”

Should Adammia introduce any new laws or remove any existing ones?
“The laws do not need a great deal of change at all. The changes introduced by the Emperor have my full backing.”

Any final thoughts?
“I have never sought political office, rather it has been thrust upon me but I am happy to present an alternative choice to the electorate.”

And there you have it – tomorrow, all of Adammia’s full citizens will be given the chance to vote. Those who cannot come to the main voting station in Tytannia will be able to send in their votes by phone, Skype, email or other such means to the Emperor. The results will be published by Tuesday at the latest. We would like to wish good luck to both candidates! Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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