News Report – 24th August 2015 – Prime Minister Re-elected for Third Term

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – HIH Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher has been re-elected to a third term as Prime Minister of the Empire of Adammia. The Moderate Party leader beat the Labour candidate Sir Paul McKenna by 12 votes to 9. The overall turnout was 72.4%.

For the first time, votes from each individual territorial division were tracked, giving a breakdown of how each province and colony voted. Each area had a chance to declare its results before 11pm on Monday the 17th, with results in from all but two areas by midnight after the 16th, when the first provisional overall result was determined. At this point the Emperor Mother was in the lead by a single vote, but after Maternia declared on Monday this was increased to three votes. Myway declared its results late on Tuesday, after the Emperor Mother had already been declared the victor, but its votes were added anyway as they were split evenly and as such did not affect the final result. A full breakdown can be read here.

The State Opening of Council took place on Sunday the 23rd, with His Imperial Majesty the Emperor giving a speech announcing the composition of III Legislature, which will sit in the August 2015- July 2016 term. The Ruling Council remains virtually unchanged, but with Sir Matthew Foster becoming Duke of Watertopia, replacing Madam Julie Foster as Duchess. Imperial Decree XXXV, which enacted this change, compensated the Deputy Prime Minister by granting her one of the Emperor’s titles, Archduke (now Archduchess) of West Adammia. Two Acts forwarded to the Ruling Council from the Colonial Council were delayed until September, as there were very few people at the State Opening (which served as August’s Ruling Council meeting) and time was also limited.

In other news, the Imperial Family – specifically, the Emperor, Crown Prince Daniel, Prince Jake, Emperor Mother Jayne and Sir Paul McKenna – went on holiday in Stickney, Lincolnshire from the 8th to 11th of August, visiting the coastal towns of Skegness and Mablethorpe. Meanwhile, a recent audit of the Treasury revealed that it contained £1.01 less than expected. This has been put down to an error in record-keeping rather than theft.

That is all for now. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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