News Report – 8th October 2015 – First Legislation of Third Term Passed

Adam I, Editor

Note from the Editor: The Adammic Express has been on an extended hiatus due to a number of reasons. Rather than dwelling on those reasons, we’re going to try bringing back weekly articles as much as we can. For now, a recap of the past 1.5 months.

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – following the creation of the Colonial Council on 11th July – a secondary legislature comprised of colonial governors which can forward passed bills to the Ruling Council – its first meeting took place on 24th-28th July when the Recognition of Koss Act 2015, proposed by Lord Sir Grant Hawkins of Adammic Columbia, was passed in the wake of Koss declaring independence from St. Charlie. A second session, on 11th August, saw the Borealia Reform Act by General Sir Will McCracken passed. Both of these bills were forwarded to the Ruling Council at its August meeting on the 23rd (the State Opening), but were postponed by the Emperor as reported in our last article.

The Ruling Council next met on the 5th of September to debate the two bills. Both the Recognition of Koss Act 2015 and the Borealia Reform Act 2015 were passed with 7 votes in favour and 5 not present. The Borealia Reform Act creates a new Cabinet of Borealia, comprised of the Legate (currently Sir Will McCracken), the Minister of Defence (currently Sir Ben Cain) and Minister of Industry (currently Sir Nathaniel Scarbrough). This Cabinet will be annually elected, with the first election scheduled for the 1st of January 2016.

At the end of August, two new individuals came forward wishing to help the Empire. The first was new honourary citizen Cameron Birch, who offered to create a new military unit in East Devon, just a short distance from Borealia. On the 11th of September, Birch became Colonel of the 4th Auxiliary Regiment, which is now one of two components of General McCracken’s 2nd Infantry Division (which covers South-East England); those stationed in Borealia itself are now in a separate part of the division, the 3rd Infantry Regiment, led by Colonel Sir Nathaniel Scarbrough. Sir Ben Cain has also been promoted to Corporal.

The second newcomer is George Wright, leader of the now-defunct Empire of Domestiland near Maidenhead, UK. Wright offered Domestiland as a new part of Adammia, and negotiations were held on the 7th of October between him and the Emperor regarding the procedures. As with Borealia and Adammic Columbia, Domestiland will undergo a trial period as a Territory, before being upgraded to a fully autonomous Colony. However, this will not be immediate – a referendum of Domestiland’s residents will first be conducted around the New Year to determine whether the switch of sovereignty will go ahead.

Even more sensational is the news that for the first time ever, a tourist looks set to visit the Empire of Adammia. Northern Irish travel blogger Jonny Blair, who earlier this year visited Wrythe in the Empire of Austenasia, has arranged a brief visit to Tytannia Province on Sunday 18th October with the Emperor. Whilst Blair is in Adammia, AISA has scheduled the next phase of its Andromeda Project – the Andromeda 4 flight. Construction is expected to begin soon on a new rocket to replace R-01, the rocket which was damaged after crash-landing at the end of the Andromeda 3 mission in October last year. The new rocket is the same model as the previous one, but the agency hopes that this mission will see the first successful deployment of the parachute, allowing the rocket to be safely used again in further missions.

The Adammic fiscal year ended on 30th September, the beginning of the next fiscal year marking the introduction of the Contributions Scheme exactly 2 years previously. His Majesty’s Imperial Treasury published its annual financial report, which can be read here, revealing that total income was at £81.12, expenses at £58, and the overall budget surplus at £22.11. As reported in our previous article, an offset of £1.01 was discovered during an audit in August. This raised eyebrows in the Coprieta Standard’s review of the report, prompting Emperor Adam to issue a statement addressing the matter as part of his presentation of the report to the Ruling Council on behalf of Finance Minister Sir Reginald Hall, at the 44th meeting on 3rd October. According to His Majesty, the error is almost certainly due to an accounting error – perhaps an accidental misrecording of expenses, combined with a minor mistake in tax receipts – and is unlikely to be down to criminal activity.

At the same meeting of Council, the Citizenship Act 2015 was passed with 7 in favour and 5 not present. This legislation, proposed by the Emperor as part of the Liberal Party manifesto, states that honourary citizenship shall expire after 10 years unless it is renewed, and full citizenship will be downgraded to honourary if the citizen has not lived on Adammic land, been employed, or voted in any election in the past year.

That is all for now. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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