News Report – 3rd November 2015 – Travel Writer Jonny Blair Becomes Adammia’s First Tourist

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Sunday the 18th of October became a massive milestone in the history of the Empire of Adammia when Northern Irish travel writer Jonny Blair became the very first tourist to make a visit to the Empire. His Imperial Majesty the Emperor and Sir Reginald Hall picked up Mr. Blair from a nearby British train station at around midday, briefly afterwards collecting Prime Minister Emperor Mother Jayne from just outside Maternia province. They then drove to Tytannia province, where the Emperor gave Blair a tour of Imperial City and the surrounding territory. Blair interviewed the Emperor in the Imperial Government’s HQ in White Gold Palace and was able to view a short demonstration flight of the AAF’s experimental RC quadcopter, along with sampling both red and white wine produced by Capital Brewery.

The Emperor, Sir Reginald, Blair, Crown Prince Daniel and Prince Jake then travelled the short distance to the Jagstonian Plains for the launch of AISA’s Andromeda 4 mission. However, in a disastrous return to the agency’s first two launch attempts last year, the new rocket failed to ignite at all. AISA technicians reportedly suspect that this is due to the battery in the launch control system somehow becoming defective, which will necessitate a replacement. Blair rounded off his trip by purchasing Imperial Mail stamps printed onto adhesive sticker paper, along with a physical copy of the Adammic Express, overall contributing 40p to the Adammic economy. He was then driven back to the British train station by the Emperor and Sir Reginald, with the Emperor granting him a knighthood just before he left, making him Sir Jonny Blair KOA.

Sir Jonny wrote five articles about Adammia on his website Don’t Stop Living which can be found in this category.

It was reported by the Office of the Emperor on Thursday 29th October than an unknown British attacker had thrown an egg at the front of the Imperial Household, presumably from across the UK-Adammia border several metres away. Emperor Father Kevin, the custodian of the Household, has not requested any help from the Adammic Police Force and the case has been dropped for now.

An Imperial Decree was issued on Friday 30th October declaring Hallowe’en an official public holiday in Adammia. The next day on Hallowe’en itself, small festivities including the carving of three pumpkins took place at White Gold Palace, with the Prime Minister suggesting that this could be expanded on into a larger event next year.

November 2015 Adammia FM playlist

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!

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