News Report – 14th November 2015 – Cabinet Office Established

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – The Ruling Council passed on Saturday the 7th the Imperial Government Act 2015, tabled by the Emperor’s Liberal Party. The legislation enacts a substantial overhaul of the executive government, most notably creating a new government department, the Cabinet Office, which is intended to support the Prime Minister and the Cabinet as well as organise cross-departmental projects and oversee any business falling outside the portfolio of the nine Ministries (such as crisis response and tourism).

On a more abstract level, the Act has divided the executive into two halves – the Cabinet (which already existed) and the newly-formed Imperial Civil Service. The ICS includes all permanent government employees, who are generally found in the various government agencies, alongside the Office of State. All members of the ICS are known as civil servants and are expected to implement the policies of their ministers with complete impartiality, except for the Office of State, which is directly accountable to the Ruling Council and the Monarch rather than the PM.

The most practical change implemented by the Act is requiring monthly Cabinet meetings to take place. This follows on from a trend in Ruling Council meetings since the start of 2015 whereby time would be set aside at the end of the regular agenda to begin an informal caucus period where any miscellaneous business could be addressed easily. Since this would often include executive government decisions, splitting these off into a Cabinet meeting was determined to be the next logical step. Cabinet meetings now take place at the end of Ruling Council meetings and can by chaired by the Prime Minister or the Cabinet Secretary with the PM’s permission. The Cabinet Secretary is the Cabinet Office’s highest-ranking civil servant, appointed by the PM and approved by the Lord Chancellor of State. The current Cabinet Secretary is Emperor Adam.

The Council meeting at which the Act was passed also saw Moderate Party plans for a Christmas Eve party at White Gold Palace approved, with a formal Events Committee set up to organise the event.

Reports have circulated that a second egg has been thrown at the Imperial Household. This effectively confirms that these are not random attacks but that the building is being targeted for some reason.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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