News Report – 1st December 2015 – Cabinet Reschedules Celebrations

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Moderate Party plans to hold Christmas Eve celebrations in White Gold Palace were scuppered just over a week ago when Emperor Father Kevin announced to the Imperial Family that the non-micronational House of Belcher was resuming its original Christmas Eve party, a traditional event for around a decade before being cancelled shortly after Adammia was founded due to the failing health and eventual death of Alison Belcher, the Emperor Father’s stepmother. It was the inspiration behind the Moderate Party’s plans, but although the White Gold Palace party would mostly involve the House of Hall, the Imperial Family would need to be present at both events.

The Cabinet held an unscheduled meeting on Sunday the 29th to resolve the issue at the behest of the Emperor. Prime Minister Emperor Mother Jayne was unavailable, so Deputy Prime Minister Madam Julie Foster signed the meeting’s agenda, and the Emperor chaired it as usual in his capacity as Cabinet Secretary. Options for moving the party to a different date were considered, with the 23rd or Boxing Day being dismissed and New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day being the current favoured options. The Prime Minister will have the final say and is expected to make a decision around Wednesday based on the Cabinet’s suggestions. Although the Ruling Council Events Committee responsible for organising the party isn’t under the Prime Minister’s direct control, it is expected to honour her decision.

Cabinet also approved plans for a fresh wave of government spending. Normally approved by the Ruling Council, these expenses were fast-tracked due to their urgency as Council is next due to meet next weekend. £25 was set aside to purchase a tent for the Adammic Army – it is intended to be used by the Emperor on his latest trip to the Insomnia Gaming Festival from 11th-14th December, and is therefore needed as soon as possible. Deputy PM Foster expressed concern that the move appeared to be using public finances for a private venture, which the Emperor countered by saying that it would be available for any citizens to use should they need it. Though this could have come to be first real stand-off between the Moderate and Liberal parties, the Cabinet soon reached consensus and the spending was approved by Labour finance minister Sir Reginald Hall. The tent costs £50 and is being half-funded privately by Sir Reginald. Cabinet also approved spending £5 to renew the domain, which was due to expire in two weeks, until December 2016.

An audit of HM Imperial Treasury was also undertaken on Sunday, returning £78.20 (52p more than records predicted). This is a new highest record for the Treasury balance, but the £30 of spending will reduce the total significantly.

The Imperial Skelton Party’s first annual leadership election concluded a month late on Wednesday the 25th with Sir Will McCracken remaining President as the party’s only member. However, the party is now known as the Imperial Party, following a request made to the Office of State to change its name on the register.

The 16th birthday of HIH Crown Prince Daniel took place on 22nd November, followed by the 11th birthday of HIH Prince Jake on 30th November. The Office of the Emperor noted both of these events on the Empire’s official Twitter feed.

The Emperor himself confirmed on his personal Twitter account on the 30th that the Empire has now reached 80 total citizens. Of these, 29 are full citizens and 51 are honourary; however, only 19 currently reside in Adammic territory.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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