News Report – 14th January 2016 – 2015 Statistics Published

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – The Ruling Council’s December meeting took place on the 5th and saw the Political Parties Act 2015 being passed. The Act, the content of which was derived by the Emperor from the manifesto of his Liberal Party, removes the requirement for parties to hold annual internal elections. Though all parties must still have a President, this figure does not necessarily have to be the party’s political leader. Party Presidents now have a number of official responsibilities which are outlined in the Act.

As always, Christmas Day saw this year’s Emperor’s Christmas Broadcast, which can be seen on Adammic Online Television here. The Emperor’s message focused on the value of empathy and diplomacy. He also briefly reflected on Adammia’s progress in the past year.

Heavy rain across Yorkshire in the week after Christmas caused sporadic flooding in some areas of British territory near to the provinces. Notably, Myway Docks were submerged under the River Aire at one point, deep enough for Myway residents to paddle in. Whilst this is the first time a part of Adammia has become flooded, it is not being treated as a natural disaster due to the fact that Myway Docks are currently unused. A British road linking Maternia to the other provinces was closed on Boxing Day, though other routes were available, meaning that Maternia was thankfully not cut off.

The Emperor responded to the death of Motörhead frontman Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister on the 28th by exercising his monarchical right to name unnamed places, naming a small patio adjacent to Adamsville Imperial Observatory and Adamsville Park in Primoria province as Kilmister Square. The Emperor, the Prime Minister and other Adammic citizens are known to be fans of Motörhead’s 1980 hit single, Ace of Spades.

New Year’s Eve celebrations planned by the government successfully went ahead on the 31st, with a buffet organised by the Prime Minister similar to on Foundation Day. The event also saw the first ever Emperor’s Fabulous New Year’s Quiz, which is modelled after the Insomnia Gaming Festival’s World Famous Pub Quiz (though admittedly much more family friendly). As the name suggests, the quiz is hosted by Emperor Adam (though Lord Sir Andrew Hall hosted a final music round), and there were 9 participants divided into 3 teams. A team comprised of Emperor Mother Jayne, Crown Prince Daniel and Sir Christopher Hall (JCD) won, beating Sir Reginald Hall, Madam Winifred Hall and Madam Julie Foster’s team (The 3 Musketeers) in a tie break after they both scored 19 points. A team comprised of Prince Jake, Sir Matthew Foster and Lord Sir Andrew Hall (Antidistplishtablishmentarionism) scored 12 points. Participants reported that they greatly enjoyed the quiz and it is set to return for Foundation Day in April 2016. Meanwhile, a New Year’s Eve event took place in Borealia which was more “debauched” according to General McCracken.

On the 4th of January, the Imperial Statistics Office published its annual summary for 2015, which can be seen here. They revealed that Adammia’s core population of full citizens had actually decreased by one, despite Adammic Columbia and Dearneland joining the Empire. This is largely down to the effects of the Citizenship Act 2015, which downgrades full citizenship to honourary for extraterritorial citizens who have not voted or held an official job (that is to say, recorded by the National Employment Agency) in the past year. On a more positive note, the number of total citizens including honouraries increased from 65 to 80. Although the economy went into recession with growth at -19.65%, this was expected as economic activity in the final quarter of 2014 was unusually high and 2015’s total GDP of £86.63 was still considered to be a strong figure. Unemployment stood at 22.2% at the end of the year. Soon afterwards, the Imperial Institute of History published its annual dossier, a detailed overview of 2015 which can be read here.

January 2016 Adammia FM music playlist

That is all for now. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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