News Report – 13th February 2016 – Imperial Party Launches Manifesto

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – The Imperial Party has become the third out of Adammia’s four political parties to publish a manifesto. The Imperial Party is Adammia’s smallest party, its leader and only member being General Sir Will McCracken. The manifesto focuses on expanding the Empire’s territory, industry and military, and can be read in full here. The Labour Party is now the only Adammic political party without a manifesto.

The Adammic Express would like to apologise for neglecting to mention a news item from January in our last article. At the Cabinet meeting held immediately after the Ruling Council on the 23rd, the Emperor as Minister of Citizenship proposed that the government stop recording the relationship / marital status of its citizens, on the grounds that this data was both unnecessary to the government and also hard to keep up-to-date. With ministers in agreement that none of their ministries would need the data, the column for marital status was deleted from the main citizen database by the Ministry of Citizenship later that day (though it was only removed from the online citizenship application earlier today).

The Colony of Borealia expanded its borders again on the 8th, claiming an extra acre of land in the form of a field to the north of Avranches Valley. This means that the Empire is now 84,284m² or 20.8 acres in size. The fence separating this field from the rest of the colony was damaged by Storm Imogen which hit Great Britain a week ago.

On the subject of Borealia, the colony’s Legate, General Sir Will McCracken, has submitted a document to the Colonial Council, “Borealian Futures”, in which he outlines a number of proposals for the continuation of the colony after he leaves for university this September, at the same time as the Emperor also starts university. Although both the Emperor and McCracken plan to start new Adammic colonies at their respective universities, the Provinces and Borealia are both extremely valuable to the Empire. In the Provinces, the Emperor will return home around once per month, giving time to keep Ruling Council and Cabinet meetings going but not much else, meaning projects such as AISA could grind to a halt, whereas in Borealia the risk is of an increased distancing from the Empire and potentially secession. This is likely to be Adammia’s biggest political issue in 2016 and much is at stake.

February 2016 Adammia FM music playlist

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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