News Report – 24th February 2016 – Birthday Honours List Published

Adam I, Editor

MATERNIA – His Imperial Majesty the Emperor celebrated his 18th birthday on Friday the 19th of February. As in previous years, this saw the publication of a Birthday Honours List which inducts a number of new knights and dames into the Order of Adammia. The vast majority of these are personal friends of the Emperor, along with the governors of the two newest territories. Fionnbarra Ó Cathail joins Richard Hytholoday and Joseph Kennedy as the only foreign micronationalists in the Order of Adammia. Meanwhile, Lord Sir Grant Hawkins has been promoted to Knight Commander in recognition of Adammic Columbia’s committed place in the Empire and the legislation he has drafted. Sir Aidan Bridgeman, an old friend of the Emperor who was one of the very first to be inducted when the Order was first established in June 2013, was also promoted to Knight Commander, alongside a much newer face, Sir Ciaran Campbell. The Order of Adammia now has 56 members, including 11 Knight / Dame Commanders. 11 members of the Order do not currently hold Adammic citizenship.

Though many of the Emperor’s friends were not Adammic citizens when the list was published, they have since been invited to apply for it and as such there are now 5 more honourary citizens, bringing the total of full and honourary citizens to 96. There are also reports that interest generated by the Birthday Honours List could see two new colonies joining the Empire, led by Madam Becky Spencer-Smith (who has been a citizen since the early days) and Sir Nat Vincett (one of the new applicants) respectively. Furthermore, there have been suggestions that the two new territories of El Grandens and Kappania could become colonies, which would be an unusual move as they are close enough to Imperial City to be classed as provinces. The reason for this is because the provinces are represented on the Ruling Council, which is currently entirely comprised of the Emperor’s family and as such may be difficult for outsiders to fit into. It currently falls to the Monarch to determine whether or not a territory meets the criteria of being somewhere “from which a representative could theoretically reach the meeting place of the Ruling Council with relative ease” according to the Supreme Directive; it would be fairly easy for the Emperor to interpret this in such a way that El Grandens and Kappania can be made into colonies. It has also been suggested that Borealia could make use of the two extra seats available to it on the Colonial Council – each colony is entitled to claim a maximum of three seats and Borealia has a much larger population than the other colonies and territories. If the proposed colonies of Spencer-Smith and Vincett come to fruition, El Grandens and Kappania become colonies and Borealia makes use of its extra seats, the size of the Colonial Council will swell from 2 to 8 members.

In other news, the Empire has been the target of online harassment in the past two weeks by a certain Daniel Callaghan, a student at the school attended by Crown Prince Daniel, Sir Cavan Garfield and Sir Euan Carey. Callaghan has made numerous accounts on MicroWiki in order to vandalise the Empire’s wiki pages, and has also violated copyright by re-uploading the Emperor’s 2015 Christmas Broadcast to his YouTube channel with a provocative title. In another video on the channel, Callaghan addresses Emperor Adam and tells him to kill himself. Needless to say, the Emperor has not complied with this demand, and has instead hit the re-uploaded videos with YouTube copyright strikes. Although a number of Adammic citizens reported Callaghan’s channel for harassment, YouTube has not taken any action on this front. Meanwhile, the vandalising wiki edits are being constantly undone by MicroWiki users and the accounts are being reported to the admins and banned. Although Callaghan has been declared persona non grata by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the 2nd Infantry Regiment has been authorised to take defensive measures if necessary, there is no perceived threat to Adammia’s citizens or its territorial integrity, and as such the government is taking a relaxed stance. The Office of the Emperor has stated on Twitter that there is no cause for alarm. Indeed, the Emperor appears to be seeing the entire saga as something of a joke.

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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