News Report – 23rd March 2016 – New National Holidays Established

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – On the 13th of February, the Ruling Council passed the Diplomacy and Terrorism Act 2016, initially written by Lord Sir Grant Hawkins and proposed to the Colonial Council as was reported last month. The act recognises a host of macronations, as well as mandating the government to publish travel warnings on its website for areas where various terrorist groups are active.

Then on the 6th of March, the National Holidays Act 2016 was passed. This act, proposed by the Emperor as part of the Liberal Party manifesto, makes New Year’s Day, the Emperor’s Birthday (19th February), Democracy Day (30th June) and New Year’s Eve official national holidays in the Empire. Democracy Day celebrates the anniversary of the Empire’s very first public referendum in 2013, which enacted the current Supreme Directive and hence established the Ruling Council.

Two new political parties were established on the 17th of February. The first was the Adammic National Party, registered by Sir Cavan Garfield and Sir Euan Carey of El Grandens and Kappania respectively. Formed in response to the attempted harassment by British student Daniel Callaghan, the ANP advocates radical right-wing approaches to deal with this perceived threat. Shortly afterwards, Lord Sir Grant Hawkins registered the Conservative Party. The Emperor noted that the Imperial Party, Adammic National Party and Conservative Party all seem to have similar, vaguely right-wing aims and suggested a merger, but the ANP leaders dismissed the idea.

The Colony of Borealia’s cabinet passed a motion on the 18th of March dividing the colony into six subdivisions. The city of Hall is to be the new capital of Borealia, replacing Spoliarium Magna which is now simply a military base. Furthermore, land in the centre of Borealia has been named the Imperial Crownland and has been granted to the Emperor for his own personal use. Full details of the motion can be read here. Meanwhile, work has begun on Borealia’s own rocket program, separate from the Adammic Imperial Space Agency.

Preparations are now well underway for the 2016 Foundation Day celebrations. Expected on Saturday the 9th of April, the event will see the traditional address by the Emperor, meeting of the Ruling Council and the buffet organised by the Prime Minister. The Ministry of Defence is planning on giving a public demonstration flight of its RC quadcopter, whilst AISA has scheduled its Andromeda 5 mission for this day, weather permitting. Furthermore, the Emperor’s Fabulous Quiz which debuted on New Year’s Eve is returning, and is set to feature guest rounds by Lord Sir Andrew Hall and Sir Reginald Hall alongside the Emperor’s own questions. It is unknown if the Empire beyond the provinces will be doing anything to mark the occasion of the third anniversary of the Empire’s establishment.

That is all for now. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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