News Report – 13th May 2016 – Sir David Hall Appointed Minister, Wins £2500 Leicester City Bet

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – The Ruling Council met on the 23rd of April to discuss the state of the Empire following the death of Madam Winifred Hall and the uncertainty this tragic event brought. The Council approved the Decree issued by the Emperor appointing Sir David Hall as Duke of Tytannia and the Prime Minister also decided to give him the vacant office of Minister of the Environment. Madam Winifred’s funeral was held on the 27th April and was attended by her husband Sir Reginald Hall, her children Emperor Mother Jayne, Sir Christopher Hall, Lord Sir Andrew Hall, Madam Julie Foster and Sir David Hall, her grandchildren Emperor Adam I and Eleanor Hall, as well as Sir Paul McKenna and Madam Debbie Shaw, along with many of her extended family and friends from outside the Empire. Shortly after the funeral Sir David Hall accepted the Prime Minister’s appointment to his mother’s former office. The Ministry of the Environment now joins those of Defence, Information and Infrastructure as the only departments which have had a change of minister since their establishment.

Sir David Hall has also become the focus of much talk amongst the Imperial Family by winning an amazing 1:2500 bet for football team Leicester City to win the English Premier League. He put £1 on this bet at a local British bookmaker, and has thus won £2500. According to Hall, he had intended to bet on Leicester to win the first match of the season back in August 2015, but accidentally chose the option for the team to win the league instead. The bet was won on the 2nd of May, when Tottenham Hotspur drew 2-2 with Chelsea, making it impossible for them to knock the Leicester underdogs from the top of the league table. Hall has indicated that he would like to spend some of the money on learning to drive. Leicester City’s unlikely story has captured the attention of people worldwide and has been covered extensively in macronational media.

The House of Hall has recently been undertaking efforts to spruce up the grounds of White Gold Palace, jetwashing the flagstones and repainting the benches. New pictures will be released once the work is completed.

May 2016 Adammia FM music playlist

Please note that exam season is beginning in the United Kingdom and as such the Empire is likely to be quiet until the end of June. There may be no further Adammic Express articles until that time.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire.


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