News Report – 28th June 2016 – Activity Returns, Elections Called as Adammia Rejoins GUM

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – With the Emperor of Adammia completing his final A-Level exam yesterday in the United Kingdom, the Monarch has promised a summer full of activity for the nation. The past two months have seen only intermittent activity which will be covered in this article.

The Ruling Council held its 51st meeting on the 14th of May, where it passed the Elections and Diplomacy Act 2016. This reforms the procedure of becoming a candidate in local and national elections – instead of the previous, hard-to-maintain “candidate list” system, prospective candidates must now fill in a nomination form. The Empire has also withdrawn its recognition of the Republic of Suntrain due to its inactivity, and has recognised the Republic of McCarthia and the Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic. The Act has overridden the final sections of the Internal Procedures Act 2013 – the very first Act of Council in Adammia – which were still in effect, meaning that Act is now entirely null and void.

The next Council meeting was held on the 4th of June and saw two major developments. First, the Emperor called local elections in all five provinces for the 23rd of July and the National Election for the 13th of August, opening speculation for how Adammia’s main political showdown of the year will pan out. Due to the fact that the Office of State has ran out of A4 paper, it has been unable to print nomination forms for the local elections, meaning that nobody has been able to declare candidacy just yet. However, with the small population of the provinces, it is expected that once again no seats will change hands in the local elections – the true test of the candidates and their parties will come down to who is able to persuade the remaining independent politicians to join their parties. The Liberal Party still has no member who is eligible to become Prime Minister (the Monarch cannot become PM and the other two members are below the age requirement of 12) and as such will be looking to snap up someone like Lord Sir Andrew Hall or Sir David Hall to act as their candidate. Meanwhile both the Moderate and Labour parties will be hoping to expand their membership beyond just two. In the National Election itself, it is expected that the Emperor Mother will seek a fourth term as Prime Minister, with it being unlikely that fellow Moderate member and Deputy PM Madam Julie Foster will challenge her for the party’s nomination (as with two members, such an action would result in deadlock). Labour leader Sir Reginald Hall has consistently expressed that he would not like to be PM, so it is very likely that Sir Paul McKenna will stand again on the Labour ticket, ready for a round two after his defeat in last year’s National Election. With each passing year the PM’s majority has become weaker, and following this trend one could assume that this will be the year that the Emperor Mother is finally toppled; but at the same time, if the Liberals are able to find a candidate, we would have a three-way election for the first time – how would that affect the distribution of votes? This all remains to be seen in the coming weeks.

After the Emperor called elections, the Council turned its attention to the Grand Unified Micronational, the prestigious micronational organisation which Adammia was a member state of from 2013 to 2015, when it was dissolved. The GUM has been resurrected in recent months and many micronations both new and old have expressed an interest in joining. A new Charter for the organisation was completed and sent out to member states for ratification at the end of May, with the first 18 ratifiers gaining automatic membership. The Principality of Monovia became the 18th ratifier just hours before the Ruling Council passed its own ratifying motion, meaning Adammia was forced to become a provisional member for two weeks pending the approval of the Quorum of Delegates, though no other member state expressed any opposition to Adammia’s membership. The Emperor is once again Adammia’s main GUM delegate, and Lord Sir Grant Hawkins has been appointed as a secondary delegate. Adammia is set to propose a series of goals for the GUM aimed at making it able to offer a range of practical services to micronations.

On the 10th of June, the Office of the Emperor launched a new cultural initiative for Adammia by issuing Imperial Decree XL, establishing a system of heraldry in Adammia. Members of the Imperial Family, the Order of Adammia and the Ordo Vladius, as well as territorial subdivisions such as provinces and colonies, will be able to apply to the Office of the Emperor to use a coat of arms. Records of all coats of arms in Adammia are being kept, although there are currently only four – the National Coat of Arms (which is also described as the Emperor’s personal coat of arms), the coats of arms of Borealia and Adammic Columbia, and the personal coat of arms of General Sir Will McCracken. The full list of designs and their blazons can be seen here. The Emperor is keen to work with individuals to create coats of arms designs which reflect their heritage, and hopes to make heraldry a major component of Adammic culture.

That is all for now. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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