News Report – 23rd July 2016 – Local Election Day

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Today marks the Empire of Adammia’s fourth annual Local Elections. Ballot papers have been printed and candidates for three of the provinces have been announced. As the sole resident of his province, Sir Reginald Hall is standing in Tytannia and is due to be re-elected unopposed. Madam Julie Foster is standing as the sole candidate in Watertopia, but its residents are currently on holiday so their local election is expected to be delayed a week. Meanwhile, Emperor Adam I and Crown Prince Daniel are both standing in Primoria, with the Crown Prince expected to retain his seat. Maternia currently has no candidates but some are expected to come forward within the next few hours, with Emperor Mother Jayne the most likely victor there. Myway also has no candidates and if none are put forward today then their election will be delayed indefinitely until a candidate is nominated. Readers will probably note that the candidates are unchanged from the past few years. This is because the populations of the provinces are so small that there are no alternative candidates. At this point, with no seats expected to change hands, local elections are effectively ceremonial, acting as a simple re-affirmation by a province’s residents in its councillor.

In other news, the date for the colony of Borealia’s independence referendum has been announced as the 1st of August. A response to General Sir Will McCracken’s “Borealian Futures” document published earlier this year, the referendum could very well see Borealia leaving Adammia. There have been reports that the Emperor has very little support amongst Borealians, and the Borealian Cabinet yesterday announced that it was preparing plans for if Borealia voted to become independent.

The Liberal Party is expected to hold a conference of sorts today, and will publish its 2016 manifesto shortly afterwards.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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