News Report – 31st July 2016 – Independence Referendum, National Election Looming

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Tomorrow is the date of the Borealian independence referendum, a vote which could very well see Borealia becoming the first territory to leave the Empire of Adammia since Creatuxia in April 2015. The Borealian Cabinet has stated that campaigning has now ended, with a message being sent out advocating staying in the Empire. It is unknown what campaigning has been taking place on the pro-independence side but it is understood that a number of Mohawks have been advocating for it.

The results of four of this year’s five local elections are now in, with Tytannia, Primoria and Maternia going to the polls last Saturday, followed by Watertopia on Wednesday. As expected, all incumbents were re-elected, with no change in vote shares from last year. Preparations are now underway for the National Election in two weeks time. The Moderate Party has already re-nominated incumbent PM Emperor Mother Jayne, who will be aiming for a fourth term, whilst Labour are expected to nominate Sir Paul McKenna, leading to a re-match of last year’s election.

The Liberal Party published its 2016 manifesto last Saturday, making very few changes from last year. Points which have been achieved have been removed, others have been tweaked, and a pledge has been added to grow the Empire at British universities, reflecting the fact that Emperor Adam I is expected to start studying at the University of Birmingham in September. Meanwhile, the Labour Party has published its first manifesto, pledging to impose a maximum cap of £75 on the Treasury, with any additional income going to charity, or with Contributions being temporarily suspended. Following this, the previously independent Lord Sir Andrew Hall inspected the manifestos of all three main parties, and decided to join the Moderate Party, bringing it level with the Liberal Party in terms of both membership and Ruling Council seats.

The Office of the Emperor has begun the process of creating coats of arms for interested members of the Imperial Family, Order of Adammia and Ordo Vladius. The coat of arms of Sir Reginald Hall were published yesterday, followed by those of Lord Sir Andrew Hall earlier today. The arms of Sir Ciaran Campbell have almost been completed and will likely be published tomorrow.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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