News Report – 7th August 2016 – Borealia Votes For Independence, Alliance Formed

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – The Colony of Borealia voted to leave the Empire of Adammia in its independence referendum held on Monday the 1st. 8 votes were cast in favour of leaving to 3 votes supporting staying in the Empire, with one voter abstaining. Shortly after the results were announced on Monday afternoon, the Office of the Emperor issued a statement acknowledging the result and wishing the people of Borealia the best for the future. By Monday evening, an Imperial Decree had been passed in which Emperor Adam abdicated the separate throne of Emperor of Borealia from himself and his descendants, and declared Borealia a sovereign independent state. Borealia’s new leader, elected by its population and confirmed by Emperor Adam, is none other than Tom Martin, who was behind the Adammic-Mohawk diplomatic standoff of December 2014. The Mohawk Empire was created when Emperor Adam separated the office of Mohawk Leader – a title once used by the ancient (by micronational standards) Mohawk nation of 2003 – from the throne of the Emperor of Borealia. Tom Martin, an original member of the Mohawk nation, claimed the title and established the Mohawk Empire, and briefly threatened Adammia with war, although that situation was soon stabilised. However, it seems the Mohawk Empire has remained dormant since that saga, as Martin’s first act as Emperor of Borealia was to unify the newly-independent nation with it. This new nation has the name of the Mohawk Empire, but the territory and citizens of Borealia, and Martin – now ruling as Emperor Thomas I – is using the titles of both Emperor of Borealia and Emperor of the Mohawks.

Out of all the citizens of Borealia, only Sir Will McCracken has kept full citizenship. Martin, alongside Sir Nathaniel Scarborough, Sir Ben Cain and McCracken’s family, have been allowed to keep honourary citizenship. Scarborough and Cain have now both left the Adammic Army, forcing the 2nd Infantry Division to disband, and leaving the demoted Colonel McCracken in command of a rump 3rd Infantry Regiment containing only himself. On the 3rd of August, Adammia and the Mohawk Empire signed a Treaty of Mutual Recognition and Alliance. This constitutes Adammia’s first ever military alliance, and has allowed Adammia to maintain a small military base within Colonel McCracken’s house, which is now acting as Adammia’s embassy to the Mohawk Empire, in order to house the 3rd Infantry Regiment. McCracken has retained his Adammic position of Military Advisor to the Monarch, and has also been made the chief ambassador of Emperor Tom’s new Mohawk government.

On Friday the 5th, the Labour Party officially nominated Sir Paul McKenna as its candidate for the 2016 National Election, scheduled for this coming Saturday. Unless there are any surprise last-minute nominations, it is now looking like this will be a re-match of last year’s elections. The Office of State is currently preparing ballots and ensuring that returning officers are in place for all territorial subdivisions. The Express will be interviewing the candidates soon and will hopefully publish those interviews within the next few days.

Based on the Emperor’s suggestion, plans are currently being made to mark the State Opening of Council on the 20th of August with much more style this year, due to the fact that the usual Foundation Day celebrations had to be cancelled. Alongside the Emperor’s traditional speech to start the first Ruling Council meeting of the new term, plans include a barbecue or buffet in Imperial City depending on the weather, the next instalment of the Emperor’s Fabulous Quiz which made its debut on New Year’s Eve, and the next AISA rocket launch mission, with the Prime Minister now having delivered the replacement battery to the capital and testing due to take place soon. Myway’s residents have been invited to the event.

In order to compensate for the loss of Borealia, the decree which granted it independence simultaneously elevated the territories of El Grandens of Kappania to colony status, giving them seats on the Colonial Council. The Emperor is also reportedly planning on elevating Dearneland to this status, as well as finally claiming the property of Madam Becky Spencer-Smith as a colony as was originally planned back in February, meaning the Adammic National Party’s newfound majority in the Colonial Council could be short-lived. The ANP has already sparked debate by proposing to make a single by Sir Cavan Garfield under his stage name Succ, itself named Succ, the new national anthem of Adammia. Although the vaporwave track is the first single to be produced in Adammia and the eponymous album it can be found on is the first album to be produced in Adammia, the Emperor has dismissed the idea, stating that vaporwave would be an “inappropriate” genre to use as a national anthem and that it would be unlikely that the track could gather enough support to replace Chariots of Fire in the required referendum. In other news on the music front, Emperor Mother Jayne has recently joined a local British brass band for the first time in many years, and Emperor Father Kevin has also announced that he will be looking to join a group as a bass guitar player in the near future.

The Office of the Emperor has continued to produce coats of arms for members of the Imperial Family and the Order of Adammia. In the past week it has completed designs for Sir Ciaran Campbell, Emperor Father Kevin, Emperor Adam I (who was previously using the Empire’s national coat of arms as his personal arms), and Madam Becky Spencer-Smith, and will be working on the arms of Sir Toby McCrae next. The full list of arms can be seen here.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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