News Report – 13th August 2016 – Election Day Live Feed

Adam I, Editor

15 Aug 00:16
ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – The standard deadline for declaring results has expired and both El Grandens and Kappania have failed to declare, leaving the final result tied. The Office of State has announced how it intends to deal with the situation: El Grandens and Kappania will be given until next Saturday to declare; whichever colony declares first will decide the final result. Saturday is the date of the State Opening of Council, the first meeting of the new term. If there is still no clear winner by this point, the Ruling Council will likely intervene to resolve the tie. If this is the case, it is likely that the Emperor Mother will be re-appointed as Prime Minister, by virtue of having the most experience and the fact that her party, the Moderates, have more seats in the Council than Labour, therefore allowing for a more stable government than if her rival was appointed.

14 Aug 01:05
ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Election day is now officially over. Counting has just taken place for non-territorials which has delivered the following result:

Jayne Belcher (MOD): 3
Paul McKenna (LAB): 4

This has left the final result in nail-biting waters with both candidates tied at 11 votes each. Only El Grandens and Kappania are yet to declare and they have 23 hours in which to do so, although this deadline may be extended if there is still no clear winner at that time. The two colonies have only two voters between them, meaning that even if they both declare, there is still a very good chance that the final result will be a tie. It is unclear what happens if this is the case, with the Supreme Directive containing no provisions for such a scenario. This election is well and truly on a knife-edge.

13 Aug 19:41
ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – The voting station in Tytannia has now closed. Maternia has voted and it has declared as follows:

Jayne Belcher (MOD): 2
Paul McKenna (LAB): 0

With this, the Emperor Mother regains the lead, with 8 votes to McKenna’s 7. With 15 out of 17 territorial votes now cast, the election is starting to wind down, with only the colonies of El Grandens and Kappania yet to declare. Non-territorial citizens have been voting throughout the day and are expected to provide a very strong turnout. It’s starting to look like once again the Emperor Mother could have the upper hand, but everything could still yet change in the next few hours.

13 Aug 16:06
IMPERIAL CITY, Tytannia – The polling station in Tytannia is now set up. Tytannia has declared its results, as has Watertopia, whose residents have voted by text due to not being present at the capital.

Jayne Belcher (MOD): 0
Paul McKenna (LAB): 1

Jayne Belcher (MOD): 1
Paul McKenna (LAB): 1

McKenna is currently leading by a single vote, with 7 to the Emperor Mother’s 6.

13 Aug 14:27
ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Voting has just taken place in Primoria, with all the votes coming in swiftly, and a result already delcared:

Jayne Belcher (MOD): 0
Paul McKenna (LAB): 4

With this surprising result, McKenna has suddenly drawn level with the Emperor Mother, and the candidates are currently tied with 5 votes each. Suddenly it is all to play for again. Office of State staff are due to depart Adamsville for Imperial City in around half an hour in order to set up the polling station there.

13 Aug 13:53
ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Counting has concluded for Myway, Dearneland and Burghlia with the following results being declared.

Jayne Belcher (MOD): 3
Paul McKenna (LAB): 1

Jayne Belcher (MOD): 1
Paul McKenna (LAB): 0

Jayne Belcher (MOD): 1
Paul McKenna (LAB): 0

These early results paint a grim picture for McKenna, with the Emperor Mother leading by 5 votes to 1. However, he is very much still in with a fighting chance and only a few subdivisions could easily tip the balance. A key result to watch out for will be at midnight when voting closes for non-territorial citizens. Non-territorials make up the largest voting subdivision, with 8 voters. The declaration for non-territorial citizens just after midnight could be the decider in this year’s contest.

13 Aug 13:24
ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Polls have now opened across the Empire for El Grandens, Kappania and the non-territorial citizens. All votes have already been cast in Myway, Dearneland and Burghlia, and vote counting is expected to begin for those divisions shortly. Polls are set to open in Primoria soon, followed by Tytannia, Watertopia and Maternia at around 4pm. Ballot papers were printed at the Office of State headquarters in Adamsville last night.

More coming soon.


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