News Report – 31st August 2016 – Paul McKenna Elected Prime Minister as Adammic Columbia Defects

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – After a tense few days following the 2016 National Election in which the votes were tied at 11 for each candidate, the colony of Kappania finally declared on the 18th, giving a final vote to Labour candidate Sir Paul McKenna. The Office of State promptly declared him the victor of the election and he has now become Adammia’s second Prime Minister, succeeding his partner, the Moderate candidate Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher.

On Saturday the 20th, the State Opening of Council took place in White Gold Palace in Imperial City. The new Prime Minister appointed his Cabinet, which keeps most of the same ministers from the Emperor Mother’s administration. Emperor Mother Jayne has been moved to Citizenship, Emperor Adam has gained the Infrastructure portfolio, and Prince Jake has become a Cabinet minister for the first time with the Defence remit. Sir Reginald Hall has once again become Deputy Prime Minister, replacing Madam Julie Foster. McKenna has also decided to appoint non-Cabinet junior ministers for the first time, inviting Sir Matthew Foster to be a junior MoD minister, although it is currently unknown if Foster will accept this position. Alongside the Emperor’s usual State Opening speech, a buffet and the Emperor’s Fabulous Quiz both took place. The Quiz, the second iteration after its debut last New Year’s Eve, had 11 participants and was won by “Fab 3”, consisting of Lord Sir Andrew Hall, Madam Julie Foster and Sir David Hall.

The Ruling Council meeting which hosted the State Opening of Council considered an Act forwarded by the Colonial Council’s ANP majority, calling for a referendum to change to the national anthem to Succ by Sir Cavan Garfield’s musical persona Succ. The Emperor expressed his opinion that a change of national anthem was not needed, to which members of the Council seemed to agree, but then the Council surprisingly voted to pass the Act anyway. After the Emperor criticised the Council’s tendency to mindlessly vote in support of every motion put to it without paying attention to the actual question, Emperor Mother Jayne agreed that the Council had not understood the motion, and the first result was declared void on these grounds. A second vote was then taken in which the Council unanimously rejected the Act, making it the first piece of legislation to fail to make it through the Ruling Council.

Footage of the State Opening of Council can be found here, and from the Emperor’s Fabulous Quiz here.

Just ten days after Borealia voted to become independent from Adammia, Lord Sir Grant Hawkins shocked the Empire on the 11th when he announced that his colony of Adammic Columbia would also be leaving. This came after the Holy Roman Empire – a confederation led by King Quentin of Wyvern – offered Hawkins a high-ranking position in exchange for the territory. Although Emperor Adam originally planned to obtain concessions for Adammia, he eventually decided to simply let Adammic Columbia go, and fired Hawkins from his positions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Office of the Emperor has begun issuing “Certificates of Arms” for citizens who have been given personal coats of arms. During the Emperor’s recent trip to Aberdeen, Sir Ciaran Campbell and Madam Chloe Robertson recieved certificates, followed by Princess Rebecca of Burghlia, Sir Toby McCrae and Madam Charley Benson shortly afterwards at the 58th Insomnia Gaming Festival in Birmingham, and Lord Sir Andrew Hall and Sir Reginald Hall earlier today.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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