News Report – 30th September 2016 – National Sport Changed as Emperor Moves to University

EDGBASTON, West Midlands – On the 10th of September, the Ruling Council met at White Gold Palace and voted to approve the Esports Act 2016 proposed by the Liberal Party. This has officially changed the National Sport of Adammia from auto racing to Esports (the term used to describe competitive video gaming). This is the second time that the National Sport was changed – the original sport was fencing, which was changed to auto racing in 2014. An Adammic Motor Racing Association was founded to accompany the change, but in its two years the association was never able to organise any events, despite the fact that it intended to use online racing games rather than physical races (for obvious practicality reasons). The AMRA has now been dissolved and has been replaced with the Adammic Esports Association. The AEA is reportedly looking at setting up a national Adammic team for the first-person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, though online battle arena game League of Legends could also be an option if there is enough interest. Unlike the AMRA’s game of choice, the official Formula 1 game series, which was only owned by a couple of Adammic citizens, CS:GO and other such games are owned by numerous citizens, making it much easier to form a team.

In other news, Emperor Adam has, in his capacity as Grand Marshal of the military, been working on two major developments for the armed forces. The first of these was the Military General Manual, published on the 6th of September after being approved by new Minister of Defence Prince Jake. This document, issued to all members of the military, was originally intended to complement the Defence Act 2015, but was put on the back burner for a year and a half before finally being completed. Then, on the 10th, the military’s rank insignia for all three branches were unveiled.

Events in Adammia have reached something of a standstill over the past two weeks due to the fact that the Emperor has now left the Imperial Household in Adamsville, Primoria in order to study at the University of Birmingham, nearly a hundred miles away. After briefing the Cabinet on the 10th, leaving instructions on what to do in his absence with regards to collecting contributions and taxes, the Emperor moved into student accommodation on the 18th. However, there is still much planned for the near future. An Adammic colony will soon be set up at the Emperor’s accommodation, which could also potentially bring new people to the Empire if the Emperor’s flatmates agree to join the colony. Colonel Sir Will McCracken also moved to the University of Loughborough yesterday and it is hoped that another colony will be set up there, although tweets from the official Mohawk Twitter account about the creation of a Midlands branch of the Mohawks means there could be some competing influence from the Empire’s allies in Devon. The Emperor will also be returning to the provinces for one weekend in October to chair the Ruling Council and assess the administrative situation. Today marks the end of the 2015-16 fiscal year in Adammia and the Ministry of Finance will be aiming to publish its annual Treasury and economic reports as soon as possible.

Adammia FM September 2016 music playlist

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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