News Report – 8th October 2016 – Empire Expands With New Colony Alluria

Adam I, Editor

ALLURIA – In the past few minutes, Emperor Adam I has signed an Imperial Decree claiming a new Colony of the Empire, known as Alluria. This new colony currently encompasses the Emperor’s room (F) and the neighbouring room (E) belonging to Colonel Luca Panconi, who has just been recruited into the Adammic Army as the commanding officer of the newly formed 5th Infantry Regiment. The decree contains provisions to expand the colony to the rest of the Emperor’s flat and two nearby flats, which will likely happen as the rest of the Emperor’s flatmates apply for Adammic citizenship. Tomorrow, Emperor Mother Jayne and new Prime Minister Sir Paul McKenna are due to visit the new colony. The Emperor is expected to discuss with the PM plans for the upcoming 2016-17 budget, which the Liberal Party is pushing to be the Empire’s biggest budget yet. More details on this are likely to become available after the October Ruling Council meeting in a few weeks’ time.

The 2015-16 financial year ended on the 30th of September and the Ministry of Finance has since collected all of the necessary data to publish its reports for the year. The annual GDP was reported at £118.75, a recession of 6.14% from 2014-15. Government income was reported at £61.44 with expenses at £44. A full breakdown can be read here.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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