News Report – 15th October 2016 – Government Offices Relocate

Adam I, Editor

ALLURIA – The Empire of Adammia Twitter account earlier today announced that the Emperor was relocating the headquarters of most of the government ministries, agencies, companies and other entities that he directly runs from his former office in the Imperial Household in Adamsville to his residence in the new colony of Alluria. Amongst the bodies being moved were the Office of the Emperor, the Office of State, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Adammic Express and the Liberal Party. The full list can be read here. Notably, the Adammic Police Force HQ and the Imperial Institute of History have both remained in Adamsville, raising the prospect that the Emperor may soon resign as Chief Constable of the APF and have the Minister of Defence, Prince Jake, give the role to someone who is still living in the provinces. The Adammic Imperial Space Agency had its headquarters moved to the Empire’s capital, Imperial City, where most of its equipment is stored.

In other news, the Office of the Emperor granted an Imperial Warrant of Appointment earlier today to Mast-J√§germeister S.E., as the Emperor’s official manufacturer of alcoholic spirits. This is the first IWA that has been granted since April 2015. A full list of companies with a warrant can be seen here.

Adammia FM October 2016 music playlist

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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