News Report – 30th October 2016 – Citizen Count and Treasury Balance Break 100 Mark as Budget is Approved

Adam I, Editor

WILLIAM WAY, Maternia – Adammia’s total number of registered citizens and the balance of the Imperial Treasury have both broken the 100 mark in the past few days for the very first time. On the 20th of October, the Office of the Emperor announced that the total number of citizens (the population of full citizens plus honourary citizens) had reached 100. This comes following a surge in applications from university friends and former school friends of the Emperor, who recently opened a Facebook account for the first time. The current total now sits at 105. Meanwhile, after Contributions were collected for October and tax revenues were received from the lucrative third quarter yesterday, the balance of His Majesty’s Imperial Treasury settled at £101.78, breaking the £100 mark.

In other news, the Ruling Council met at White Gold Palace yesterday for its 56th meeting. The main focus of the meeting was public finance, with the Liberal Party tabling the Public Finance Act 2016. This Act has transferred authority over public spending, the Contributions monthly rate and the company tax rate from the Minister of Finance to the Ruling Council. The Council must now pass an annual Budget for each financial year, though money can also be allocated through an Emergency Appropriation approved by the Cabinet and the Office of the Emperor – however, the Ruling Council can vote to cancel an Emergency Appropriation. Now, if no Budget has been approved by one month after the financial year has begun and there is no Emergency Appropriation in effect, a government shutdown will begin, when the Imperial Government will begin shutting down non-essential services, and if this is still the case after six months, early elections will be called.

The Act was followed by the actual Budget itself for the 2016-17 financial year. The Emperor announced that the Liberal Party had set a target of £100 of spending for the coming year, noting that with an average annual income of £70, this would cause a deliberate budget deficit of around £30, taking the balance of the Treasury down from £80 to £50 by the end of the year. The Emperor stressed that the current Treasury balance meant that a lot of money was sitting unused in the Treasury which has increased year on year – a budget surplus has been run continuously since the Empire’s foundation. After some discussion on spending priorities, the following Budget 2016: £14 to the Ministry of Information, which will cover website costs for (which is currently down); £25 to the Cabinet Office, which will fund a new fabric flag from the Lostislandic business MicroFlag; £20 to the Ministry of Science and Technology to fund new parts for AISA’s Project Andromeda; £20 to the Ministry of Finance which will be donated to various charities; £20 to the Ministry of Culture to help fund events such as the New Year’s Eve quiz and Foundation Day; and finally £20 set aside for the Ministry of Defence as a potential fund for military equipment – the Emperor suggested a model under which the MoD covers parts of the cost of military equipment to help subsidise the cost for the servicemen who would the majority of the costs. The total appropriated spending came to £119, though it remains to be seen how much of this will actually be used.

Two other minor points were covered by the Cabinet immediately following the Council meeting: the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister was relocated from Watertopia to Tytannia as it had been forgotten during the previous Cabinet meeting. The Emperor also announced that he was resigning as Chief Constable of the Adammic Police Force due to his move from Primoria to Alluria – Minister of Defence Prince Jake appointed himself as the Emperor’s replacement in the role.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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