News Report – 15th November 2016 – Adammic Columbia Returns Amidst Colonial Council Controversy

Adam I, Editor

ALLURIA – Adammia’s first political controversy began on Wednesday 9th November shortly after the election of Donald Trump as President of the USA. In a move which surprised many, the Office of the Emperor issued Decree XLIV, which withdrew diplomatic recognition of the United States. This attracted heavy criticism from Adammia’s small but vocal right-wing, some of whom are understood to be Trump supporters; the Adammic National Party condemned the decision and Sir Richard Hytholoday even went so far as to describe it as “un-micronational”. Sir Will McCracken and Sir Grant Hawkins also opposed the move. On Friday the 11th, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement in which it explained its reasons for advising the Office of the Emperor to carry out the move. The MoFA suggested that it was within established practice to grant and withdraw diplomatic recognition for political reasons.

However, this did not appear to satisfy the ANP, who called on Sunday the 13th for early elections, with Sir Euan Carey stating that they no longer had confidence in the Imperial Government. Upon learning that this was impossible due to a minimum term length of 6 months imposed by the Supreme Directive, the ANP then demanded a referendum on a constitutional amendment, before eventually changing its line of attack and challenging the Emperor’s position as Delegate of the Colonies, his Ruling Council seat. The ANP nominated its leader Sir Cavan Garfield in an election – the first of its kind in Adammic history – for the seat, which the Emperor is also standing for re-election in. This type of election involves often-forgotten sections of the Supreme Directive – the governor of each colony is given a vote, as well as the leaders of other “major groups” of abroad citizens recognised by the Office of State, which currently includes only the Ordo Vladius.

Yesterday, the Office of the Emperor issued Decree XLV. This saw the former Colony of Adammic Columbia returning to the Empire after defecting to the Holy Roman Empire in August. The colony’s governor Lord Sir Grant Hawkins stated his intent to return to Adammic politics, citing his dissatisfaction with the Holy Roman Empire. With this, Adammia has regained its overseas presence, with Adammic Columbia being located in Ohio, USA and is therefore the only Adammic territory not located in Great Britain. The Decree also created a new colony, Midgard, which is to be led by Colonel Sir Will McCracken, former Legate of Borealia. Midgard is a small territory located at McCracken’s university accommodation in Loughborough, UK. Finally, the Decree reaffirmed an executive decision taken on the 4th of November to expand the relatively new colony of Alluria, bringing its total number of residents up to 4. The Empire now has 22 territorial residents and is fast catching up to the total it previously held before Borealia become independent earlier this year.

This means that there are now seven Adammic colonies – factoring in the Ordo Vladius’ vote, this gives eight total votes in the upcoming Delegate of the Colonies election. The Emperor is believed to have the upper hand at securing re-election, with Alluria (which he represents on the Colonial Council), the Ordo Vladius and Dearneland likely on his side. His opponent Garfield will have the support of ANP-controlled El Grandens and Kappania. The specifics of how the election will be carried out are not yet clear, but the Office of State is expected to make an announcement in the coming days. Certainly, the whole controversy has highlighted for the first time the differences between the more centrist factions which control the Ruling Council and the emerging Adammic right-wing which exerts heavy influence over many of Adammia’s colonies.

In other news, the event known as the Emperor’s Fabulous Quiz which has become a popular feature of Adammic cultural events at White Gold Palace such as Foundation Day and the State Opening of Council has launched a spin-off event: the Emperor’s Fabulous Pub Quiz. Like the original, it is hosted by Emperor Adam I, but this is a more adult-oriented version which takes place in Alluria for fellow University of Birmingham students. Due to its more adult nature, it is more similar to the event which inspired it – the World Famous Pub Quiz at the Insomnia Gaming Festival – than the original Emperor’s Fabulous Quiz, which is toned down to be more family-friendly. The inaugural Pub Quiz took place on the 4th of November and had 10 participants, including Sir Alex Helliker, notable for being a member of the Ordo Vladius and the first ever person to sign up for Adammic citizenship, just one day after Adammia was founded over 3 and a half years ago – he is coincidentally also attending the University of Birmingham. The winners of the quiz were “Quizlamic State”; a full table of results can be seen here (contains some adult language).

November 2016 Adammia FM music playlist

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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