News Report – 31st December 2016 – Referendum Due As Emperor Recovers From Illness

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – His Imperial Majesty the Emperor returned from the Colony of Alluria to the Imperial Household in Adamsville for the Christmas period on the 12th of December. The Ruling Council then met on the 19th where the Emperor proposed a Third Amendment to the Supreme Directive. This amendment’s main aim is to lay groundwork for a series of legislation in the new year to properly establish a functioning court and legal system in Adammia. It also makes a number of minor tweaks for clarification. It can be read in full here. The Council voted to endorse the amendment, although such a move is strictly unnecessary, and a referendum on the amendment was scheduled for today, the 31st of December. Voting will be taking place throughout the day and we encourage all full citizens to vote.

On the 23rd, Joelonian Con took place in the Colony of Kappania. This annual event is a gathering of a group of friends which includes the Lord of Kappania Sir Euan Carey and the Grand Duke of El Grandens Colonel Sir Cavan Garfield. The Emperor was invited as a special guest. The event saw an awards show as well as a special one-off edition of the Emperor’s Fabulous Pub Quiz. The quiz resulted in a tie and the winner was decided through a wrestling match. This is the first time Joelonian Con has taken place in Adammia.

The Emperor’s Christmas Broadcast was released on the 25th in which the Emperor reflected on the importance of family. It can be viewed here.

Business ground to a halt on Boxing Day when the Emperor became ill with a stomach bug immediately followed by a cold (the Emperor has suggested that he believes he may have caught both viruses simultaneously). As a result this usually busy time of year has been unusually quiet. Two new colonies are currently awaiting admission to the Empire and the Imperial Institute of History’s Dossier on 2016 has also been severely delayed. The priority in government at the moment is to prepare for the New Year’s Eve celebrations which will be taking place in White Gold Palace this evening.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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