News Report – 15th March 2017 – Emperor Announces Inactivity Measures

Adam I, Editor

ALLURIA – The referendum held on the 31st of December on the Third Amendment to the Supreme Directive saw the amendment being approved by 11 votes to 5. Turnout was 57.14%. The Third Amendment was subsequently signed into law by the Emperor. On the same day, the Emperor’s Fabulous New Year’s Quiz took place in White Gold Palace, where it was won by “Three’s A Crowd”, consisting of Emperor Mother Jayne, Sir Reginald Hall and Sir David Hall. The Emperor returned to his term-time residence in Alluria on the 7th of January.

There has been little of note from the Ruling Council or the Cabinet since the New Year. On the 28th of January, the Cabinet agreed to outsource responsibility for maintenance of the website to Top Hat Software, with Minister of Information Madam Julie Foster approving the decision. At the February meeting on the 18th of that month, the Ruling Council passed the Internal Procedures Act 2017, which has expanded upon the Internal Procedures Act 2014 to streamline the Ruling Council’s procedures, as well as make it more transparent. The changes have seen the Council shift from an American Congress-style system to something more closely resembling the British Parliament. The Council also dissolved the mostly defunct Events Committee and the Cabinet shortly afterwards replaced it with the civil service post of Director of Events at the Cabinet Office, to which Deputy Prime Minister Sir Reginald Hall appointed Emperor Mother Jayne. The Emperor raised the matter of Foundation Day celebrations at that meeting, but it is expected that most planning will take place at the March meeting.

On the 19th of February, the Emperor’s Birthday Honours List was published to mark the Emperor’s 19th birthday. Many of this year’s recipients are friends the Emperor has made at the University of Birmingham.

Apart from these isolated events, the Empire has spent the last two and a half months in a state of deep inactivity. Much administrative work and other tasks have ground to a halt; readers will note that this is the first edition of the Adammic Express since the New Year, and furthermore, the Imperial Institute of History still has not published its Dossier on 2016. After a long silence, the Office of the Emperor issued a statement last Saturday, stating that the inactivity was down to a lack of time and motivation on the part of the Emperor, and announcing a number of major changes to respond to the situation. The monarchy declared that its focus going forward would be on physical operations within the Provinces, and as a result it would be toning down its colonial and foreign affairs. Most notably, it was announced that the Colonial Council was to be dissolved, with most Colonies being either downgraded to Territories or in one case being completely ceded back to the United Kingdom; only Alluria and Adammic Columbia were to remain as Colonies. Furthermore, it was announced that Adammia would lower its membership status in the GUM to that of an observer state. The statement noted that although no government agencies would be dissolved at that time, many could enter a “dormant state” for the forseeable future. The statement attracted some criticism, with Lord Sir Grant Hawkins suggesting that the dissolution of the Colonial Council would make it harder for colonies to propose legislation; the Emperor responded by stating that citizens could still lobby him directly. The ANP went further and even suggested that the Emperor should abdicate, an idea which was dismissed by His Imperial Majesty. Despite the criticism, the Office of the Emperor issued Imperial Decree XLVI this evening, formally enacting the changes. The Emperor, in his capacity as Minister of Foreign Affairs, is expected to formally give notice to the GUM about Adammia’s change of membership status within a couple of weeks.

That is all for now. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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