BREAKING NEWS: Adammia votes to Leave in GUM Referendum

IMPERIAL CITY, Tytannia – In a shock result, the people of the Empire of Adammia narrowly voted to leave the Grand Unified Micronational in yesterday’s referendum. As a result, Prime Minister Sir Paul McKenna has resigned and elections are underway for a new government.

The result follows a brutal campaign in which the Adammic National Party campaigned on the Leave side whilst the Liberal Party campaigned for the Remain side. The Moderate and Labour parties were mostly ambivalent (to the surprise of nobody) during the campaign – however, Moderate candidate Emperor Mother Jayne, a former PM who is considered the front-runner to succeed McKenna, has already expressed a desire to embrace the result, declaring that “Adexit means Adexit”. This seems to be at odds with her previous support for the Remain side, though that previous support was always known to be somewhat lukewarm, consisting of a single photo opportunity with Remain campaigners in her home province of Maternia. She clarified her stance on the result in a speech to the Ruling Council earlier today, stating that she wished to see a “blue and green Adexit”.

Given that it is considered highly likely that the Emperor Mother will win her party’s nomination – with Moderate rivals Lord Sir Andrew Hall and Madam Julie Foster crumbling and withdrawing from the race within hours of putting their name forward – questions are already being asked about what her potential Cabinet might look like. To the surprise of many, she has hinted at support for notorious Leave campaigner Sir Christopher Hall for the role of Minister of Foreign Affairs. Hall attracted controversy by touring the Empire in a Mercedes E-class painted with the slogan, “We send £3.50 a week to the GUM, let’s spend it on AISA instead”. Since the result was announced, some Ministry of Finance civil servants have come forward to suggest that the slogan was a lie, pointing to the fact that Adammia does not send any money to the GUM under the October 2016 budget.

Meanwhile, the result seems to have energised the Liberal Party, which was left crippled in the 2016 National Election due to the fact that all of its members were too young to be eligible to run for PM (except the Emperor, who is barred under the Supreme Directive due to being the Monarch). With the ANP strongly supporting Leave, the Emperor Mother’s Moderates likely to do the same, and even the Labour Party starting to lean in the Leave direction, the Liberals are attempting to position themselves as representing the citizens who voted to Remain. Despite the party only getting two votes in last year’s local elections, recently-elected party leader Prince Jake has insisted that they have a serious chance of forming a majority government. They have already started campaigning in the election to succeed McKenna, producing this dubious-looking graph.


Graph produced by the Liberal Party.

This leaves the question of the Labour Party. Paul McKenna, the now-former PM, has already resigned his seat in the Ruling Council, and his future now seems unclear, although some have suggested he could work for the Union Against Micronational War. McKenna’s Minister of Finance, Sir Reginald Hall, has decided to stay as a Councilor, but has also taken up a side job as the Editor of the Adammic Express. We would just like to say that Sir Reginald is super amazing and inspirational! Meanwhile, a heated race is underway to select the Labour candidate for the National Election. The two front-runners are Sir David Hall, the Minister of the Environment in the McKenna Cabinet, and Eleanor Hall, who has spent her time in the Council so far as a backbencher. Despite Sir David being seen by many as the more moderate, mainstream option, Eleanor, who supports a range of radical left-wing policies, has attracted the support of a group of highly committed activists going by the name Velocity, who could tip the selection process in her favour. Labour’s stance on Adexit has also complicated matters. Despite both candidates stating that they would challenge the so-called “Hard Adexit” supported by the ANP and many Moderates, Labour today voted in favour of preliminary legislation to begin the exit process without forcing any amendments. Some have suggested that the Labour strategy is to defend against the ANP, fearing that the right-wing party’s “populist” approach could threaten their heartlands. Experts have pointed out that this is mathematically impossible, due to the fact that the ANP have no members in the Provinces, and that the real threat comes from the Liberals, but this does not seem to have changed the Labour approach.

That is all for now. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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