Liberal Party Conference

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – The Liberal Party held a conference today, split into two parts, in Imperial City followed by in Adamsville. Firstly, the party voted to approve the constitution which had been proposed by the party President, Emperor Adam I. This split the original President role into a political Leader and an administrative President, in a similar structure to that used by the UK’s Liberal Democrats (of which the Emperor is also a member).

Next, the party approved its 2017 manifesto. Its flagship policy is to merge several government departments and reduce the total number of ministries from the current nine down to five, aiming to create a more streamlined Cabinet. It also proposes creating a system of universities and official accreditation for professions who may need knowledge specific to Adammia, such as lawyers. This is supposed to go hand-in-hand with plans to flesh out the current, bare-bones court system and the creation of a role of Attorney General. Interestingly, the manifesto calls for “investigating the possibility” of hosting or co-hosting a British micronational summit, with London or Birmingham given as possible locations. Furthermore, the party has thrown its weight behind the Emperor’s Foundation Day proposal for the creation of a sort of tapestry to give a pictorial history of the Empire which all citizens could contribute to; the other two parties are also expected to endorse this.

The party then held elections for its newly-created posts. Emperor Adam I stayed on as President, whilst Prince Jake was elected as Leader, which has made him the party’s first ever prime-ministerial candidate; indeed, his nomination form for the National Election on the 12th of August was accepted by the Office of State earlier today. Sir Christopher Hall nominated himself for Deputy Leader, but under party rules this nomination was past the deadline and will likely be voted on at a separate special conference in the near future. As the conference ended, the new leader appointed Emperor Adam I as the party’s first Chief Whip, responsible for handling the party’s legislative agenda.

On the whole, party business across the three main parties has been sluggish to get started this year, as a result of general apathy and organisational difficulties. Labour are expected to announce their manifesto and National Election candidate within a week or two, whereas the Moderates could be delayed until early August as a result of two of the party’s three members being on holiday.


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